Know your customers

Take the guesswork out of serving customers who walk through your doors. With data-driven insights, sales associate training, and interactive technologies, our solutions empower you to truly engage with customers.

For Operations

Operate offline stores efficiently

Looking to improve operations and maximize customer conversion and loyalty? Our solutions provide the insights and tools to staff your stores with just the right number of well-informed sales associates, customize services and marketing, and design store layouts for ideal shopping experiences.

For Marketing

Captivate your customers

Fun shopping experiences make for engaged customers. Delight and inform customers with our targeted, interactive in-store messaging, innovative digital experiences, and integrated applications.

For Sales

Sell with confidence

Mobile-based sales support systems can drive success. Our solutions put the information you need at your fingertips, for personalized service at the point of sale. Answer questions instantly with up-to-date information on products, inventory, competitor comparisons, and promotions.

For Mall Operators

Attract visitors to your properties

Make your mall a go-to destination. With our solutions, you can deliver unique, tailored, and cutting-edge information and entertainment to retain and attract customers and drive sales to your retail tenants.

Bring digital shopping experience into your shop

Launch customized promotion at offline store using analytics.



    Data-driven retail solution, Samsung Nexshop


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