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Access corporate e-mail and share messages securely with colleagues in the office or on the go. Brity Mail increases work productivity with 1-click shortcuts to collaboration tools ranging from e-mail and schedules to board and community postings. Brity Messenger keeps teams in touch in real time on desktops and mobile devices. Build a smarter work environment with easier, more secure collaboration on multiple devices and platforms.

  • 16 yearsof providing all-in-one groupware services
  • 640 millionincoming e-mails monthly
  • 560 millionoutgoing e-mails monthly
  • 71 millionchats monthly


How can Brity Mail & Messenger enhance your business?

  • Seamless and effective collaboration

    Continue working on team projects while on the road. Share messages with colleagues, update group schedules and tasks, and access business e-mail on nearly every device.

  • Legacy system integration

    Our open APIs integrate with legacy systems seamlessly, so e-mail, schedules, contacts and other solutions simply work. CRM, HR and other SaaS applications integrate without hassle.

  • Advanced security and compliance

    Safeguard your business with end-to-end security and compliance. It also protects your online work environment safely by applying malware / virus detection and latest security patches all the time.

  • On-demand collaboration, always up-to-date

    With no upfront license or hardware costs, and no maintenance or upgrade costs, our cloud-based offerings let you easily add or remove users depending on your needs.


Brity Mail

  • Intuitive user interfaces

    Use all your collaboration tools in one place, on any device. Brity Mail delivers an easy-to-use user experience with a consistent look and feel on the different devices you use.

  • Legacy and SaaS integration with SSO

    Sync various services with Brity Mail & Messenger using REST API. SAML-based Single Sign-on provides simple and easy authentication to access key legacy and SaaS systems, including Brity EFSS.

  • Enhanced enterprise security

    Brity Mail gives you enterprise-grade security, privacy controls, and compliance. Our advanced Key Management System (KMS) also keeps your data safe.

Nexoffice Messenger

  • Real time business communication

    Share your business progress, documents, photograph, video and contact with colleagues in real time. Brity Messenger is compatible with multiple devices.

  • Get all your information directly within Messenger, and more

    Using our Open APIs, connect Messenger to your legacy and SaaS system and get any information interactively. We are working on Chatbot service, and it shall be available soon.

  • End-to-end encryption and powerful security features

    Enterprise administration control lets you prohibit activities like copy-and-paste, screen captures, and file sharing. You can also set a lifespan for messages that should be deleted.


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Easy access with a SAML Single-Sign On One quick sign-in and you’ll be seamlessly connected to the Brity collaboration suite and other legacy or SaaS systems.
Seamless integration across wide range of applications Integrate with various legacy and SaaS systems such as CRM, HR, ERP, and more complex systems using REST API.
Accessible on multiple devices Brity Mail & Messenger support flexible communication across various devices, letting you send messages to colleagues and external partners from a desktop PC or mobile.