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Today’s customers are more empowered and educated than ever, thanks to a vast range of online digital tools. Estate Agents need not fear this, but should embrace it. Nexshop Marketing brings together the best of both worlds; online digital tools combined with a personal touch, to help deliver top notch customer experiences.

By partnering with REAPIT, Samsung are able to provide touchscreen and/or digital window displays for your branch. We do this by pulling your property data and images directly from REAPIT, which can then be viewed or explored using the 'Nexshop' solution on a variety of Samsung devices.


How can Nexshop Marketing enable the next generation of estate agents?

  • Disruptive technologies

    Take advantage of disruptive technologies such as digital devices and virtual reality service to intrigue customers through an amazing customer experience

  • Reduce operation cost

    Increase operational efficiency and meet brand guidelines easily through integrated content management

  • Enhance service competitiveness

    Provide a customized and personalized consultation that Stands-out from the crowd

  • Improve customer experience

    Provide an immersive experience by leveraging in-branch touch screen and external information (map, transport information, street view)

“One of the useful things about the software is being able to email across all of the particulars directly to the tenant then and there.”

- Charlotte Russell, Branch Manager, JLL

"Walking through an actual house by pinching into the screen and giving them that experience puts us at the cutting edge of another new form of technology.”

- Joanne Geary, Director, Group Head of Marketing & Business Development

See how Nexshop Marketing can enhance Estate Agencies

Follow along as we learn how the Nexshop Suite can improve in-branch customer experiences


Take a closer Look

  • Efficiently Update Advert Property Listings

    Branch managers can quickly and easily create new templates to show properties. With our content management system, it only takes three clicks to get a property shown on the window screens.

  • Distribute Property Information via Email or QR Code

    Once a customer shows interest in a property they can receive more detailed information, either by scanning a QR code or by entering their email address onto the interactive display.

  • Digital Window Displays

    Create an eye catching Digital Window that delivers real time property content to Large Format Displays alongside traditional printed media.

  • Virtual reality tours

    The Nexshop solution is another way of showing VR tours to your customers. VR tours can be uploaded to Nexshop and shown on the touchscreen, prospective buyers can see inside and outside of the property.

  • Solutions accessible across multiple devices

    Our connected solution enables you to operate the Nexshop solution via the touchscreen or remotely from your tablet.

  • Interactive display touch-screen

    Create an immersive customer experience with an interactive property search solution. Customers can use the touchscreen to search local properties using online maps, street view and more.


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