Stay on top with cloud security of Samsung SDS, the one and only IT leader with cloud and security expertise in Korea

Samsung SDS is here to address all issues of security, the indispensable factor under a dynamic cloud environment. It boasts their expertise in cloud and security services for the longest time with the largest scope in Korea. Experience the optimum security services you ever had in using cloud in a safe and secured manner.


Benefits only in Samsung SDS cloud security services

  • Cloud security, strong and safe even to the level of on-premise

    Get a full suite of cloud services 24/7, including risk monitoring, hacking attack detection based on Samsung TI (Threat Intelligence) DB, AI-based risk analytics. Enjoy the benefits of our expertise and professional experience in the same level as on-premise and on cloud as well.

  • End-to-End security applicable to various cloud settings

    Samsung SDS’s cloud security service supports End-to-End security solution for cloud, simply covering not only applications built on multi-cloud but also data, infrastructures, account and authority management.


Take a closer Look

  • Proven technology in cloud security

    Since starting cloud security monitoring for the first time in 2015, Samsung SDS has supported and maintained the largest number and scope of cloud in Korea and acquired AWS Security Competency certification issued by Amazon, the largest global cloud provider in 2018.

  • Customized application for diverse cloud settings

    It supports cloud security for major IaaS including AWS, Azure and major SaaS including Office 365, SalesForce, Slack, Workday, moreover, additional CSP support is available to be optimized for clients’ environment.

  • Automated security in line with cloud trends

    It provides security services for VM, the basics of IaaS as well as DevOps and CI/CD (Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery) environments targeting Container and Serverless.

  • Cloud specialists’ special security

    Samsung SDS is the Korea’s biggest MSP (Managed Service Provider) in public cloud and CSP (Cloud Service Provider) in building/operating cloud directly, with the most secured and optimum guidelines while presenting the ultimate efficiency and convenience.

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