Protect and manage endpoint security!

Are you worried about a leakage of new technology and key assets? Do you need a systematic response, if key information is exposed to unauthorized people? ESCORT is a security solution to control and manage vulnerable points and leakage sources at endpoints, thus strengthening a general security level of endpoints. Make sure your PC security tight and secured simply with ESCORT, the essence of Samsung SDS’ s 20-year knowhow.


Benefits only in ESCORT

  • Block/logging information leakage

    Control portable storage devices, ports, devices, networks effectively, manage the history of blocked access to protect key info assets, and keep track of attempts for unnecessary use.

  • Comprehensive management

    Control and collect information of complete domains as an integrated domain console structure. Also, simply operate and control your PC security, vaccines, patches, current status management.

  • Less user burden

    A simple and automated action, one-click action remove hassles, and support an integrated analytics for weak points and actions to address them.

  • Less user burden

    Support an easy and automated control over login passwords, shared folders, access URL management, and vaccine use from a central system.


ESCORT, Open a new chapter for asset protection

Block information leaks by controlling storage medium
Block information leaks by controlling storage medium USB memory, external HDD and other device management functions allow an authorized access only, manage three-stage control, exception policy per division/PC and the history of blockage, thus identify any attempts to leak and control them.
Automatic control and security inspection for PC weakness
Automatic control and security inspection for PC weakness Automatically recognize and control the status of applying PC’s accounts/screen savers/vaccines/shared folders/virtual OS to manage and inspect the history of unnecessary access to Internet sites and URL use logging, thus managing and inspecting PC’s weakness.
Status of PC Software and Hardware
Status of PC Software and Hardware Provide materials for PC Software/Hardware composition, status in detail, various statistics (performance, model, capacity etc.), and mange weakness.


Take a closer Look

  • Storage device control

    Control devices, which are potentially used for a leakage path by being connected to storage device wireless/wired such as USB Memory, portable HDD, network drives, cameras, smartphones, and scanners.

  • Network control

    Manage the history of access/use of USB modem, WIFI, Access Point (AP), Ad-Hoc, and control/manage users’ patterns and attempts to leak information in advance.

  • PC weak point control and monitoring

    Check whether to apply an encryption management, shared folder, network drive access, vaccine/security patches, manage their settings automatically, and support functions to detect and resolve security weakness on their own.

  • Policy management

    Manage security policy in detail according to IP bandwidth, purpose of use, endpoints. Also, find the existence of inside network, distinguish inside and outside networks to set policy for management.

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