Migrate your mission critical workloads to a high-performance cloud

Many businesses are migrating their systems to the cloud for its numerous advantages. However, when it comes to mission critical workload migration, there are numerous stability and security factors that need to be carefully considered. Samsung SDS Enterprise Cloud Mission Critical(MC-Cloud) is an IaaS that combines a highly stable cloud infrastructure architecture that has been verified in North America and Europe with Samsung SDS’s extensive cloud operation expertise. Equipped with the stability of a private cloud as well as the scalability of a public cloud, we provide a professional cloud migration and operation service for your mission critical systems.


What can MC-Cloud do for you and your business?

  • Customized cloud design

    Secure a one-stop cloud service from diagnosis, and migration to operation. Ensure comprehensive cloud management with our cloud portal.

  • Ensures business continuity

    Unlike other cloud infrastructure services, we guarantee 99.999% availability, allowing you to migrate mission critical applications to the cloud with ease of mind.

  • Cuts costs with detailed pay-per-use

    Cut unnecessary costs to the bone by only paying exactly what you use. Unlike other providers that bill based on VM, our billing system measures your usage in detailed units of measure (CPU 200MHz and MEM 768MB).

  • Strengthens security

    Our cloud service is backed by powerful global security that has been applied to government organizations as well as the finance and medical sector in North America and Europe. Moreover, compliance risks are continuously monitored to ensure adherence.


Take a closer Look

  • Visible resources and rapid provision

    Query the status of resource usage in real time via MC-Cloud console. Provide resources rapidly upon requests from the users.

  • Enhanced stability and performance

    Support core business functions, eg. ERP, that requires a high stability and performance. Ensure the highest level of availability in the industry with 99.999% SLA and quick application response time with high-performance servers.

  • Powerful security and compliance

    Secure powerful and automated security and compliance monitoring.

  • Accurate billing system based on actual usage

    Ensure accurate billing based on actual resources used with μVM, a more detailed unit of measure than VM.

  • Customized cloud design

    Secure a one-stop cloud service from diagnosis and migration to operation. Ensure comprehensive cloud management with our cloud portal.

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