Round-the-clock protection of your IT systems

Focus all your efforts on your business and leave security to us. More than 100 SDS security experts monitor and correlate your system’s log data in real-time at our specialized monitoring center. All attacks, whether simple or sophisticated, are swiftly identified and remediated to prevent recurrence.


What can our Security Monitoring & Control Service do for your business?

  • Delivers systemized monitoring & control services by security experts

    Experience industry-leading security services. Provided services include round-the-clock detection and analysis of security events, detection rule development, malicious code analysis, attack origin identification, and cooperation with overseas organizations to gather information on external attacks.

  • Provides optimized security services

    Safeguard your IT system against all types of potential security breaches with the same level of managed security services that are applied to Samsung.

  • Strengthens competitiveness

    Build a business environment safe from data breaches with our customized, all-inclusive security services which have been tried and tested by applying to Samsung.


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  • Enhanced detection accuracy

    Detect threats in your firewall, website and more with strengthened accuracy using association rule learning in combination with our SIEM solution that has been enhanced with Samsung’s expertise in managed services.

  • TI (Threat Intelligence)

    Block and remediate advanced attacks with Samsung’s TI database.

  • Security governance-based regular updates

    Secure extensive policy management from creation and modification to deletion with our detection policy management system that minimizes false positives, optimizes and removes unnecessary policies, and specializes policies for true positives.

  • Extensive experience with large-scale data

    Secure customized managed services that have been optimized by our extensive experience of analyzing more than 5TB of log data and 17 billion security events a day in various industries from finance to manufacturing, and more.


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Cloud security monitoring & control service
Malicious code monitoring & control service
Become less reactive and more predictive by preventing, detecting and responding to external attacks such as website spoofing and information theft.
Secure comprehensive firewall management with firewall usage comparison, root cause analysis and troubleshooting of worms, viruses and abnormally high-volume traffic.