Strengthen security readiness with a network-based risk detection solution

In today’s IT landscape, attacks are becoming so advanced and stealthy that a protection-centric solution is not enough. Amid the rising need for analytics-based solutions that utilize big data and AI, Samsung SDS offers a comprehensive, machine learning-based risk detection solution that helps strengthen your security readiness against emerging threats.


Protects against security threats

Prevent and remediate a vast array of ever-evolving attacks with our specialized security solution.


Strengthens your defense in any environment

Safeguard your operations in any network environment with specialized behavior pattern and abnormal behavior analysis.

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    • STORM AI for Web

      STORM AI for Web

      Harness the power of AI to identify intrusions and protect your website from ever-evolving threats.

    • EAMS


      Manage accounts and access for various IT infrastructures from cloud to on-premise from a single access point. Experience the simplicity and agility of IT system operation with EAMS.

    • AMS


      The optimized APT inspection system prevents a security violation.

    • SentinelOne


      SentinelOne visualizes the events at end point, the starting point of cyber attacks and analyzes, responds, and treats the events thus protecting your information assets from cyber attacks.

    • Monitoring an overuse of inside information

      Monitoring an overuse of inside information

      Big data platform ensures an integrated visibility of flow on the use of personal and confidential information, detects the flow under the scenarios to prevent security incidents and improves enterprise’s competitiveness.

    • ESCORT


      ESCORT prevents information leaks and addresses weak points effectively based on the 20 year of know-how Samsung SDS has gained. Make sure your critical information assets secured strong and sound with ESCORT.


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