Strengthen security readiness with a network-based risk detection solution

In today’s IT landscape, attacks are becoming so advanced and stealthy that a protection-centric solution is not enough. Amid the rising need for analytics-based solutions that utilize big data and AI, Samsung SDS offers a comprehensive, machine learning-based risk detection solution that helps strengthen your security readiness against emerging threats.


How can our Security Solutions strengthen your cyber defense?

  • Protects against security threats

    Prevent and remediate a vast array of ever-evolving attacks with our specialized security solution.

  • Strengthens your defense in any environment

    Safeguard your operations in any network environment with specialized behavior pattern and abnormal behavior analysis.


Darktrace EIS(Enterprise Immune System)

  • Three-dimensional risk visualization

    Keep track of anomalies in your network, even if you aren’t a security expert. Darktrace EIS intuitively illustrates the full landscape of any event.

  • Machine learning and numerical methods

    Uncover anomalies across your entire business with precision using our unique combination of four engines that includes a multiple Bayesian approach and threat discriminator.

  • Protection against unknown attacks

    Remediate never-before-seen attacks or threats without any prior knowledge using machine learning-based detection.

  • Data protection

    Ensure zero data loss. All our operations are carried out exclusively at your data center to prevent data leaks.

  • Easy installation with network cloning

    Using Darktrace EIS is easy. Simply connect to the switch’s span port or inline tap in a raw traffic network section.

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    Darktrace EIS - normal behavior is modelled by studying collected and normalized network data using a Bayesian technique. Alerts of detected abnormal behavior and threats are displayed using three dimensional visualization.