Take the risk out of Spot Instances while reducing 50-80% of your cloud computing costs with 100% availability.

Utilizing your cloud provider’s spare capacity can save you a lot but taking advantage of those savings requires a lot of work, and is still a major risk. Using predictive algorithms, Spot-Inst enables you to leverage AWS Spot Instance and MS Azure Low-priority VMs without downtime. In case of AWS, Spot Instance can be terminated and service interruption can occur with only 2 minutes' prior notice. However, Spot-Inst service predicts instance termination up to 20 minutes ahead of time through prediction algorithm.


What can Spot-Inst do for you and your business?

  • Reduce compute costs

    Leverages Amazon EC2 Spot Instances and Microsoft Low-priority VMs for production and mission-critical applications saving 50-80% of your compute costs.

  • Simplify cloud resource management

    SDS’s cloud management platform GOV(Global One View) enables easy cloud resource management.

  • “Samsung SDS’s Spot-Inst service enabled us to use spot instance in a stable and simple manner at a lower cost.”

    - Solution developer, HANCOM Inc. -
  • “It’s amazing, Spot-Inst helps us to save around 70% of our AWS environments expense. It significantly improved our cost for good sold.”

    - Dan Adika, CEO, WalkMe, San Francisco, CA, USA -
  • "Automating the delivery of highly available cloud workloads allows enterprises to unlock substantial cost savings, without compromising workload delivery"

    - Wendell Brooks, SVP Intel Corp and President of Intel Capital -


Take a closer Look

  • Easy to Start

    Enables optimized Spot Instance set-up through basic information entry.

  • Graceful Transition

    Spot-Inst uses predictive algorithms to identify Spot Instance that are about to be terminated at least 20 minutes before service interruption. It automates the entire process of instance migration without manual work.


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    Recommendation of target for Spot Instance switch Analyzes the type of service, usage patterns, usage time, etc. to recommend changes to the types of DEV/STG, Stateless, AutoScaling, EMR, ELB, etc.
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    Creation of Spot instance Enables optimum Spot Instance set-up through only basic information entry and provides convenience for creating Spot instance.
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    Integrated Dashboard Provides dashboard that enables one to check overall cost savings all at one glance while allowing cost management from the viewpoint of TCO.