Proven solutions that boost mobility
and maintain privacy

How do you reconcile mobile productivity with stringent security? Our solutions eliminate trade-offs with consistent security policies and a variety of authentication methods, and have been used successfully in the field by Samsung employees around the world for decades.

For IT Managers

Hassle-free security management

Administering the complex tangle of multiple user accounts, passwords, and policies is not easy. Our solutions enable single sign on with biometric authentication, PINs or passcodes, and you can update user privileges in real time when company roles change.

For Users

Lose your passwords

Stop trying to remember strings of user names and passwords for all your accounts. Biometric authentication lets you access all your data with a one-time sign on using fingerprint, facial or voice recognition. Authentication is handled securely in the cloud by our FIDO-certified solutions.

For Management

Higher security at a lower cost

Who says you can’t be more productive under tightened security? We can help you enhance data protection while adding convenience. And, our biometric solutions adapt easily to your legacy systems, so you can accomplish your IT goals without raising CAPEX.

For Employees

Move with your team

High functioning teams need optimized environments and the ability to work anywhere. You can have face-to-face conversations wherever you are with Square Meeting. Square Messenger gets your notes to teammates instantly, and Square EFSS lets you share and edit documents in real time.

Discover Cello's Risk Management to ensure logistics visibility

Manage risks in your global logistics operation in a comprehensive and systematic way based on analytics.
The stable logistics operation entitles your business continuity and competitiveness.

"Samsung SDS EMM for Wearables gives you a tremendous wealth of information that we didn’t have in the past."

- Brian Cobb, VP of Customer Service at Cincinnati Airport (CVG)

“Samsung SDS really did demonstrate a desire to work with PCC and goes above and beyond for their customers.”

- Paul Evans, Project Manager, Portsmouth City Council

"Our crews saved time, energy, and money with the MVR solution powered by Samsung SDS EMM."

- Luke Williamson, Procurement Manager, Vital Human Resources Ltd.

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    Use unique and personal identification methods like fingerprint or voice recognition before allowing access to corporate data.

    Enterprise Mobility Management

    Centrally manage your employees’ mobile access while protecting your data with next-generation security protocols using our on-premise EMM solution.

    Wearable EMM

    With industries using wearables in various ways, Samsung SDS EMM will show admins how to manage wearable devices and applications with convenience, security, and efficiency.

    Square Meeting

    Our web conferencing solution transforms office routines by instantly connecting you with other participants from anywhere in the world. Call a web meeting at your nearest PC or mobile device.

    Square Meeting AC+

    Enjoy quick and easy audio conferences and screen sharing. Expedite decision making with simultaneous audio conferencing and screen sharing.

    Square EFSS

    Use our file sharing solution to exchange documents with colleagues anywhere, at any time, while minimizing security threats and protecting off-site data. Square EFSS uses strict authorization processes and an Audit Trail feature that keeps track of shared files and their usage history.

    Square Portal & Messenger

    Send and receive messages with colleagues on Square Messenger and see all your collaboration tools on one screen with Square Portal. A single sign-on grants instant access to all Square solutions.


    Find out more about our offerings

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