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Transform your business by connecting people and their devices

The IoT era is here, and now is the time to power your business with intelligent data use. Our solutions collect and analyze information from networks of smart devices and enterprise applications. We put data to work, uncovering smarter ways to operate your business.

For systems management

Control millions of interconnected sensors and devices

Analysts predict there will be 26 billion IoT nodes in operation around the globe by 2020. Our solutions let you monitor smart sensors and devices from anywhere so you can check in on connectivity, foresee system errors and failures, and even customize your software.

For business management

Accurate forecasting and data-driven services

Our solutions spot trends as they happen, processing mountains of data from IoT sensors so you can anticipate results and plan effectively. Save energy by setting the A/C to turn off automatically when an empty room is detected. Make informed choices by predicting foot traffic at target locations using live data from weather stations and news outlets.

For IT developers

Develop the apps and tools of tomorrow

Process an unlimited amount of information while safeguarding your IoT data and devices with maximum-security algorithms and encryption. With our solutions, developers can easily create applications and IT tools that automatically sync with our highly compatible platform.

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