Expand with agility and cost-efficiency

Gain the flexibility to adapt and get ahead in today’s fast-paced business environment. Our solutions help you discover new business opportunities, with lower IT costs and more collaboration tools. Optimize business processes and facilitate efficient decision-making.

For Cost-efficiency

Reduce operating costs with pay-per-use

Expand or reduce IT resources and services as your business grows. Our usage-based billing system reduces initial IT spend, lowers the risk of setting up new systems, and holds the line on operation costs.

For flexibility

Customized SaaS

IT solutions should be tailored to fit your requirements. Our private SaaS provides stability and security, while our public SaaS service has the flexibility necessary to cost-efficiently adapt to standardized global processes.

For scalability

Expand your business globally

The SaaS open architecture provides the scalability you need to easily connect to external and legacy ecosystems, with quick upgrade batches to meet new or updated processes.


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Samsung Nexshop

Deliver dynamic in-store experiences that target and engage customers with interactive marketing and personalized recommendations. Keep sales staff educated and up-to-date.

Samsung Square

Keep everyone on the same page with affordable, cloud-based collaboration tools. Instantly connect colleagues and host web conferences. Also, share files securely and put all your key tools—email, tasks, schedule, and contacts—on one dashboard.

Enterprise Mobility Management

Samsung SDS EMM safeguards sensitive data with next-generation security protocols, empowering administrators with a low-cost cloud solution to centrally manage employee data and device access controls.

Samsung Nexplant

Gain agility and cost-efficiency with our Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for shorter lead times, higher productivity, and better product quality. Our Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution streamlines workflows and keeps everyone on track.


Respond quickly and manage your entire supply chain on a single, cloud-based platform with CelloSCLIS. Keep track of all global shipments, be informed of any risks, and keep logistics costs low by finding the best logistics providers for your business needs.

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