Use 3D data lightly and safely at production and construction sites

Nexplant 3D eXcellence converts, integrates and visualizes various formats of 3D data generated in the design stage, and offers a safe, lightweight environment for using 3D data at production, construction and operation sites. It supports the use of heterogeneous 3D data and interface with legacy systems easily to create stronger, closer collaboration in engineering works.


Why Nexplant 3D eXcellence

  • Use 3D design data across all areas

    The integrated R&D CAD data in various format cab be used for a wide range of services from purchasing, manufacturing, after-sales service to procurement, construction, operations and improves manufacturing lead time and re-construction costs.

  • Secure collaboration environment with data security

    Supports multiple web devices and data streaming without original data transmission, providing a secure working environment with no data leaks and security that allows collaboration between vendors.

  • Scalable platform with platform-based data∙API catalog service

    As all dataset-based services configured within the platform are integrated, It is advantageous to expand functions according to customer needs and provides an environment where customers can develop modules themselves with data and API catalog services.

Business innovation with Nexplant 3D eXcellence

A variety of services linked to the utilization of heterogeneous 3D data through platforms can revolutionize your business and collaborative environment.


Take a closer look

  • Exchange & Integration

    It supports 30 heterogeneous CAD formats in the manufacturing and AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) sectors and visualizes large 3D data in the forms of streaming format, which are easily usable in web/mobile environment.
    The attribute information within design data can be easily connected to ERP, SCM and other data sources. The integration of 3D data with IoT enables users to realize digital twin.

  • Visualization (web/mobile)

    Streaming service allows user to quickly and safely explore the 3D model in web/mobile environment and the integrated R&D CAD data in various format can be usable in a view.
    It also provides visualization of detailed structure and attribute information in 3D CAD but also various functions such as camera view, mark-up, measurement.

  • Design Meeting

    With no need to install any software, real-time, multi-user web conference enables to share and synchronize the 3D model & view point across all participants with markups, comments and issues.

  • Digital Manual Composer

    As a web-based 3D digital manual authoring tool, even non-professional can easily create 3D animation composing of various actions such as moving, rotating and scaling objects and including the text and image file. The digital manual provides the seamless workflow by visually demonstrating the sequence of steps.

  • Digital Manual Player

    3D Digital Manual helps looking in the details of internal structure with the functions of zooming in&out, separating parts level and hiding certain parts of 3D model. This is the difference between the ordinary videos.
    Also, the web browser is the only thing what you need, for using it in various environment such as the monitor of production assembly line and the field worker's mobile devices. So it can be easily and quickly utilized in various place.


  • Platform
    Windows, Linux, Unix
  • Database
    PostgreSQL 9.4 +
  • WAS
    Standard Servlet Container (Weblogic, Tomcat, etc.)
  • Web
    NGNX, Apache
  • SW requirement
    JAVA 1.8 +


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    Design Meeting - A collaboration platform facilitates 3D data use on site



    Digital Product - A collaboration platform facilitates 3D data use on site



    Nexplant 3D eXcellence at a glance


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    Share mark-ups and comments in a data secured environment and keep track of CAD data-relevant history, all of which enables real-time collaboration on the web.
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    Use 3D CAD data to create job manuals easily. Open and read the manuals on various devices anytime anywhere.
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    Field workers can now read equipment manuals and real-time operational data on mobile devices. They can also chat or video-call with experts to get remote help.