Maximize uptime through flexible deployment of maintenance strategies powered by data-driven analytics.

Capitalize on industrial IoT connectivity and machine learning to optimally manage your assets throughout the lifecycle - from purchase and continuous operation to maintenance and disposal. Enhance your asset management competitiveness with Nexplant EAM which supports various languages for multi-national sites.


How does Nexplant EAM enhance productivity?

  • Maximizes your return on assets

    Apply IoT technology to your manufacturing assets and gain access to maintenance history as well as real-time data regarding performance, workload and other significant indices. Ensure proactive maintenance and reliable services that maximize asset lifecycles and minimize maintenance costs through transparent asset management.

  • Accumulates asset maintenance know-how

    Generate a comprehensive view of asset utilization including service hours and resource consumption quickly. Execute multifaceted analysis on asset utilization and maintenance history to continuously tweak and improve your process and gain know-how.

  • Manages assets systematically

    Create and manage asset data to reflect actual manufacturing sites, asset models, hierarchical structures, zones, locations and more. Modify your asset maintenance policy with flexibility using our powerful system whether you are setting up a new site or expanding or consolidating existing facilities. Systematically manage your assets to gain a competitive edge in the global market.

Invest in asset management to stay competitive

Manage your assets in manufacturing facilities leveraging data-driven analysis. Provide parts and supplies in real-time to transform how you manage your assets.


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  • Automatic deployment of maintenance policies through data-analytics

    Automatically issue maintenance work orders based on specified time-schedule and accumulated usage (TBM/UBM), and predictive maintenance (CBM) work orders triggered by real-time asset health and condition monitoring. Configure and automate routine maintenance to comply with safety regulations. Work orders issue history is accumulated to enable automatic recovery at future events, in a form amenable to analysis.

  • Automatic replenishment for optimal inventory levels management

    Keep spare parts specification up to date and save precious time on identifying and querying necessary parts through integrated procurement and inventory management module. Understand demand for materials in your facility and maintain optimal inventory levels through auto replenishment, which takes into consideration intelligent reuse and recycling of spare parts.

  • Comprehensive cost management which supports global multi-plant environment

    Get comprehensive oversight on costs associated with maintenance work orders, which supports global multi-plant environment by managing multiple facilities and warehouses and exchange rates. Forecast and allocate budget that encompasses every stage of maintenance – from spare parts unit costs to supplier lead time, and from service contract to maintenance duration.

  • In-depth analysis and report

    Collect and execute analysis on KPI for spare parts procurement and maintenance. Analyze costs associated with maintenance orders from every angle to find opportunities for improvement. Auto-generate reports utilizing 35 types of data visualization to facilitate informed and swift decision making.


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    Keep your assets and parts supply chain operating at maximum efficiency


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    Nexplant Safety

    Keep your workers and facilities safe with human-like cooperative analytics that detect and send alerts with real-time surveillance.

    Nexplant Mobile

    Control and manage your operations securely even when off site. Take measures for sudden issues that occur at your facility in real time, and use the multi-user video conferencing for fast decision-making.

    Nexplant Analytics

    Uncover the real root causes of chronic equipment failures and ensure product quality control with the ability to foresee issues using big data analytics.

    Nexplant SLM

    Complete product design and validation faster with CAE auto-run and simulation analysis. Automate various requirements for increasingly complex products and refinement processes and accelerate product production speeds.

    Nexplant PLM

    Accelerate your product launch with tools that help project leaders collaborate more efficiently. Integrate product development projects throughout the supply chain, including involving OEMs.

    Nexplant MES

    Make your manufacturing process easier with automated equipment controls tailored to you for higher productivity. Maintain product quality and cost-efficient production.

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    Enjoy seamless production with a strong control system Enhance productivity and reduce down time. The smart control system can automatically maneuver so that the right products go to the proper manufacturing lines.
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    Check your facility and equipment status in real time Production managers can ensure consistent yield and high quality products by easily keeping track of the facility and equipment in real time.
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    Minimize loss with a flexible automated MES Manufacturers can react to sudden production changes faster and more efficiently, minimizing loss caused by downtime.