Realize Data-Driven Business Innovation

Samsung SDS Brightics Cloud helps your company leverage data into business growth with profitable insights through the enablement of data-driven business innovation.


How can Brightics Cloud benefit your business?

  • Business Agility

    Brightics Cloud provides companies with keystone analytics that enable data-driven business processes to ensure companies make smarter decisions faster.

  • Cloud computing scalability

    The provision of pubic, or private cloud infrastructure allows flexible investment to respond rapidly to changing business environments

  • Organizational Capacity for Analytics

    The introduction of analytics-supported business process not only improves employee work performance but also helps employees to understand data better and bring business insight from it.

  • Trusted Analytics Quality

    Samsung SDS monitors and maintains the quality of data and analytics models in the best interests of companies.


Brightics Cloud at a glance

  • Create your own forecast models

    Brightics Cloud is an enterprise analytics platform to create an All-in-One environment where collecting data, processing, analytics modeling, visualization are comprehensively available on cloud. Learn more on main functions of Brightics Cloud with demo. Create forecast models to compare actual value and model’s value.

  • "Thanks to Brightics Cloud, manual process for sales prediction was automated and improved work efficiency. "

    - Baher Bhadre, Product Marketing Assistant Manager, Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd. -


Take a closer Look

  • Friendly Self-Service Analytics Interface

    A single view displays visual charts of input data, analytics function control, detailed analytics steps, and it facilitates interactive analytics working.

  • Big data processing & visualization support

    Brightics Cloud is not only capable of processing big data but also supports a maximum 100 million data row into charts and renderings.

  • Pre-built analytics algorisms and models

    Brightics Cloud features various algorisms which include but are not limited to pre-built statistical and analytics algorisms, industrial analytics models, autonomous, prescriptive and real-stream processing functions.

  • Interoperability with 3rd party solutions

    Brightics Cloud provides data analytics environment that enables script-based analysis. The supporting scripts are SQL, Scala, R, Python.

  • Drag and Drop Report Builder

    The report feature has drag-and-drop functionality that makes it easy to add analytics charts & graphs., and supports web-based report share and text editing.

  • Cloud computing

    Brightics Cloud provides options to select public or private cloud environments and plan cloud capacity responding to your business requirements.


  • PC requirement
    - OS: Windows (32-bit) or higher
    - CPU : 1-GHz or more
    - Memory (recommendation) : 2GB RAM or more recommended
    - Disk Space (recommendation) : 1GB or more recommended
    - Resoultion (recommendation) : 1280 * 900 recommended
  • Browser
    Google Chrome ( version 50.0 or higher)
    * Recommended to use the latest version
  • Supported data source type
    RDB, File, HDFS
  • Programming language support
    Scala Script, SQL Script, R Script, Python script
  • Visual Chart Support
    30 type
  • No. of function
    * Autonomous, prescriptive and real-stream processing functions are included
  • API
  • Eligible cloud environment
    Amazon Web Service, MS Azure, Google Cloud, S-Cloud etc.

Major Services

Take a closer look

  • Platform Service

    Platform Service

    You can purchase Brightics Cloud platform (inclusive of technical support). Using Brightics Cloud allows professionals or data scientists to conduct individual or collective analysis works.

  • Analysis Consulting

    Analytics Consulting Service

    Samsung SDS provides big data & advanced analytics consulting. With hands-on analytics experiences, Samsung SDS professionals help your company to understand business challenges and identify business insights from data.

  • Professional Service

    Professional Service

    The professional service performs the management of analytics model in the best interests of our customer. The professional service includes but not limited to data quality monitoring, analytics performance check-ups, regular analytics model tuning and KPI reporting.


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Demand forecast modeling for faster biz decision making 
The introduction of Brightics Cloud analysis improves work efficiency by transforming manual based prediction to automatic weekly sales forecast.
Customer segmentation modeling for a differentiated marketing strategies  
The introduction of Brightics Cloud enables an automatic customer clustering based on AI with a more diverse classification of customers , thus maximizing the effect of marketing.
Social analysis modeling to keep up with market trend  
Brightics Cloud support social analytics such as the comparison of brand buzz among several product brands and brand awareness changes by importing social media data.