Most Optimized Cloud for Digital Service Innovation of Finance

Amid rapid acceleration of digital transformation and cloud migration, key focuses include compliance with internal security regulations on financial data and flexible syncing with internal legacy environments. SDS Cloud for Finance offers independent infrastructure-oriented cloud services dedicated for financial institutions based on Samsung's strong security systems.


What can Cloud for Finance do for your business?

  • Fast implementation with Financial Security Institute certification

    With all 141 assessment criteria of the Financial Security Institute qualified, the assessment period required for new service development is significantly shortened, ensuring business continuity and fast pace.

  • Reliable service with high availability

    99.999% availability is guaranteed for financial workloads and uninterrupted service, even during failures caused by a fire, earthquake or accident, is ensured with the disaster recovery (DR) system using Samsung SDS Chuncheon Data Center.

  • Reliable and flexible hybrid cloud

    Taking into account the characteristics of financial workloads, cost-optimized hybrid cloud environments are provided, in which critical data is stored in private clouds and more flexible customer service in public clouds.

  • Swift customer service

    Various products and services using DevOps and SRE offerings combined with validated cloud native technologies of SDS Cloud support swift and flexible responses to changes in customer products/services.


Take a closer look

  • Consulting and implementation services specialized for finance

    Implement validated cloud migration methodology based on the know-how and experience of financial IT operation within Samsung Group. Cloud consulting and implementation services are also offered, considering compatibility with existing workloads based on analysis on the entire business system of customers.

  • Hybrid cloud service specialized for finance

    Take advantage of hybrid cloud services with both private and public clouds depending on the workload characteristics. Integrated management of hybrid cloud platforms ensures optimized cost efficiency.


  • Security service optimized for finance industries
    In compliance with supervisory regulations on electronic finance, various security systems for financial data protection (e.g. IPS, firewalls, web firewalls, web shells, etc.) can be implemented
    24/7/365 security control and real-time monitoring response system
    Many Korean and global security certifications and the CSP security examination of the Financial Security Institute completed
  • Managed service specialized for finance
    Integration/migration with analysis on outdated systems and networks
    System failure prevention/response scenarios developed and implemented
    System performance testing scenarios developed and implemented
  • Reliable infrastructure operation
    Disaster recovery system that meets the (Near Zero) standard of Financial Supervisory Service
    Failure-free operation based on integrated monitoring on all areas of applications and clouds

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