Cloud Services Optimized for Civil Services and Public Sector Workloads

Samsung SDS provides optimized cloud service that ensures safe management of critical information of government agencies, validated by the Cloud Security Assurance Program (CSAP). Experience SDS platforms and operational offerings for various cloud services.


What can Cloud for Public Sector do for your business?

  • Secure cloud

    Reliable cloud services with strong security and failure response capabilities protect government agencies from external hacking, threats or leakages of critical data.

  • Convenient use

    Enjoy easy access to SDS cloud platforms for public sector, apply for necessary cloud services and extend/terminate the services on the Internet.

  • Reliable operation

    Securely access the private zones via DMZ zones using VPN and use reliable services validated with a variety of cloud implementation cases.

  • Cost efficiency

    Select the most optimized SDS cloud product and composition according to your workload details and enhance cost efficiency with discount offers.


Take a closer look

  • High availability

    Physically separate DMZ zones and private zones safely and conduct secure remote backups of disaster recovery (DR) system with up to 99.99% availability.

  • Dedicated cloud platform

    Apply for necessary resources easily on convenient UI of Samsung SDS dedicated platforms and enjoy efficient integrated operation of cloud resources.

  • Strong security/failure response

    Detect and block external security attacks or internal data leakages real time, using top-level security control centers in Korea, as well as failure prevention and rapid responses with real-time monitoring.

  • End-to-end services

    Use end-to-end services from cloud consulting to migration and operation optimized for public sector workloads, supported by the certification on cloud security for public sector.

Cloud products and services customized for the public sector

  • Compute
    Virtual Server

    Virtual server optimized for various purposes

  • Storage
    Block Storage

    Storage assigned to the server


    Backup and recovery service to minimize data loss

  • Network
    Load Balancer

    Distributed server traffic for stable service

  • Security

    Web application security threats detection and blocking service


    Intrusion blocks to protect internal networks

  • Managed & Consulting
    Managed service

    Cloud computing resource operation and management

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