Various Cloud Services for Public Sector Workloads

Samsung SDS provides the most optimized cloud service allowing you to focus on your critical workloads. The service automates all processes from request and usage to disabling cloud resources. The end-to-end service spans from cloud consulting to migration and operation.


What can Cloud for Public Sector do for your business?

  • Cost efficiency

    Optimize cost with pay-as-you-go model

  • End-to-end services

    Provide end-to-end services from consulting and migration to operation for public sector workloads

  • Reliable operation

    Ensure stability by using various use cases

  • High Availability

    Provide up to 99.99% availability


Take a closer look

  • Global Information Security Management ISO 27001
  • Cloud Security Assurance Program

Cloud products and services customized for the public sector

  • Compute
    Virtual Server

    Virtual server optimized for various purposes

  • Storage
    Block Storage

    Storage assigned to the server


    Backup and recovery service to minimize data loss

  • Network
    Load Balancer

    Distributed server traffic for stable service

  • Security

    Web application security threats detection and blocking service


    Intrusion blocks to protect internal networks

  • Managed & Consulting
    Managed service

    Cloud computing resource operation and management

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