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You generate massive volumes of data, then what? Use it intelligently and elevate your operations with our enterprise-wide common platform, InsatorTM. It connects IoT devices to big data solutions and pre-existing legacy systems. InsatorTM can also create smart applications on top of a connected data pipeline using standard APIs and a data message bus. It caters to both web-based and local development environments, and is a flexible platform that syncs with almost every active domain.

  • 10data types
  • 6IoT protocols offered
  • 203service-related APIs
  • 50,000events processed
    per second


What can InsatorTM do for your business?

  • Easily connect your IoT devices

    The protocol adapter allows this intelligent open platform to seamlessly connect with IoT devices using MQTT, CoAP, and WebSocket protocols. With an SDK that supports C, Java, .Net, Android and iOS, InsatorTM is compatible with various languages and protocols.

  • Securely manage IoT devices

    All connected IoT devices can be securely managed with numerous authentication methods including SEAL, OAuth, DH-based key exchange, and SSL. Additional encryption keys are locked in the Key Management System, providing end-to-end security.

  • Insightfully discover your business value

    All data collected by your IoT devices converge with InsatorTM to deliver precise and reliable results. Use our time-proven and verified platform and reduce lead times by forgoing the architecture verification process. Spend more time building your business.

  • Conveniently centralize your data for analytics

    InsatorTM quickly gathers and organizes your data, including DB, File, Log, Legacy-data, and External-data. It allows our BrighticsTM solution to interpret data collections and turn them into intuitive visual representations to give you the full picture.

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Discover how Samsung SDS IoT platform works

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Take a closer Look

  • IoT connectivity

    InsatorTM connects your IoT hardware devices using MQTT, CoAP, and Websocket. It supports user-defined adapters and communication protocols like Zigbee and Modbus, and allows you to monitor and control data in the cloud.

  • Data connectivity & preparation

    InsatorTM’s big data connectivity lets users extract, transform and load various types of big data sources on Hadoop to amass, refine, and alter the data sets. It can also collect unstructured data such as system logs, IoT data from message queues, and images.

  • Mobile connectivity (API engine + notification)

    Mobile push notifications using GCM (Google) and APN (Apple) are enabled with a high-powered, light-weight, and scalable API server engine. With InsatorTM, you can use the APIs inside your mobile devices to receive notification without GCM and APN.

  • API gateway & management

    Register, publish, and upgrade mobile, web, external, and common REST APIs for a holistic API management process. InsatorTM offers load balancing for back-end APIs, and an API key for foolproof authentication and secure access.

  • Manage encryption keys and identities securely

    InsatorTM’s Key Management System allows you to create and control additional encryption keys. Each key is managed and secured by a separate master key depending on the tenant or service. IAM simplifies identity management, user authentication and authorization processes, and provides serverside single-sign on (SSO) services using SAML.


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