Easily detect vulnerabilities and prevent system failures online

Lookin is a web-based diagnostic tool that lets users inspect their IT systems by themselves. Enhance your IT system’s stability and prevent system failures with Lookin’s convenient vulnerability assessment and effective troubleshooting.


How can Lookin help your operations?

  • Reduce costs

    Build a stable IT system your company can rely on, with no investment cost. Lookin provides quick and professional-grade diagnostics to help prevent system failures.

  • Get diagnostic results fast

    Quickly detect risks and improve vulnerability. Perform diagnostic inspections internally after a simple online registration.

  • Receive actionable results

    Identify various causes behind complex system failures and defects associated with IT systems operating on equipment from multiple vendors. Address complex risks with Lookin’s comprehensive diagnostic capabilities.

  • Track progress easily

    Know your IT operations inside out. With key stats properly indexed, keep track your IT system improvements with ease.

  • “Samsung SDS’s professional consulting has stabilized and enhanced our IT systems, enabling us to provide a safer and quicker medical examination.”

    - Gi-sung Baek, a director of IT support division, Seegene Medical Foundation -
  • "The most useful thing about Lookin is that each item is shown graphically and it has been very helpful in integrating and planning system changes."

    - Dongseo Bang, Head of Knowledge Convergence, EPIS -

See how Lookin works in the real world

IT system diagnosis is easier with Lookin. Discover how Lookin easily identifies system vulnerabilities.

Lookin enables integrated diagnostics, even for complex IT systems.

IT infrastructure diagnosis, security analyses, Application performance diagnosis.
Samsung SDS Lookin makes all much easier.


Take a closer Look

  • IT infrastructure diagnostics

    Inspect your IT infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities in the server, database, storage, middleware, network, and even the virtual environment , to provide customers with guidelines for the best course of action.

  • Security analysis

    Use an extensive analysis to identify vulnerabilities in your operating system, database, and network. The diagnostics checklist combines Korea Internet and Security Agency (KISA) standards with Samsung’s own proprietary security checklist.

  • Application diagnostics

    Improve overall app performance with targeted diagnostics, from performance and database tuning, to analyzing application quality standards, and more.

  • Web vulnerability detection

    Analyze and identify website vulnerabilities through penetration test. Customers can perform the assessment anytime they want, and get analysis report immediately.
    (※ This service is only available in Korea.)


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    Lookin enables integrated diagnostics, even for complex IT systems.



    See how Lookin works in the real world



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Analyze the default settings of your IT system’s servers, DBMSs, storage, and networks. Identify the vulnerabilities that can lead to system failures, and ensure stability for your IT infrastructure.