Accelerate the speed of your work environment utilizing the email-oriented collaboration solution powered by Brity Works

Brity Mail combines key features, such as email, approvals, calendar, and board and securely provides them to make working more convenient. The same high level of usability provided on your PC and mobile devices ensures that your business continues seamlessly any time, anywhere.

Innovate your enterprise operations and boost your productivity by taking advantage of the expertise it provides to you. Brity Mail is currently in charge of the global collaborations of half a million Samsung employees worldwide.


Unique features of Brity Mail

  • Easy and fast implementation

    Immediately register users and start using the service for your business utilizing the admin authorities provided upon implementation. Save the time and expenses required for initial configuration and maintenance.

  • Get everything done in one place

    Simply sign in to Brity Mail to manage your email, approval, schedule, and to-dos at once. Also, take advantage of the single sign-on feature to instantly access your enterprise management system and improve productivity.

  • Seamlessly collaborate any time, anywhere

    The mobile app provides all the major features hich allows you to collaborate without restrictions regardless of the work environment you are in. The high usability of the mobile app ensures the continuity and productivity of your business at the same time.

  • Securely protected work environment

    The system securely protects the enterprise data from external threats, including hacking attempts and viruses, while eliminating the possibility of data leakage. It minimizes the security risk to your business and provides a safe environment for secure collaboration.

  • "Samsung SDS won the 『Best of the Best』 Award in the Design Concept category of the 2019 Red Dot Design Awards. The top design award went to the Korean IT giant in recognition of its collaboration solutions future concept, 'Virtual Personal Assistant'."

    Best of the Best Award in the Design Concept category of the 2019 Red Dot Design Awards


Take a closer look

  • Smart business mailing service

    Personalize the mail features according to your business style. Set to view related messages together or sort the messages utilizing mail boxes and filters to efficiently view your mail messages. Create a personalized address book or mail templates and save them for future use.

  • Write an email, schedule events, and list to-dos all at once

    Utilize the integrated composition window to automatically register events and to-dos for recipients when you send the email. This feature will help you boost the speed of your business processes. You can also register events and to-dos and send them via email at the same time.

  • Quickly view the current work status

    Before starting or leaving work, view the current work status of your emails, approvals, scheduled events, and to-dos at a glance on the Today page and systemically organize your work processes.

  • Register scheduled in a simple way

    Quickly schedule and manage meeting events with multiple recipients. View the availability of the recipients and the meeting rooms at a glance and make reservations. Take advantage of the automatic notification feature to send meeting reminders via SMS or email.

  • On-line approval

    Compose approval requests as conveniently as writing an email. Simply fill in the approvers, consenters, and the persons to be notified to file the request and view the approval status in real time. You can also save frequently used approval templates and reuse them later.

  • Collaborate anywhere on mobile

    Utilize the mobile app to maintain the continuity of your business outside your office by writing emails, approving documents, scheduling events, and listing up to-dos. You can personalize your mobile home screen by changing the cover image and rearranging the menu order.

  • Secure work environment safe from external threats

    Take advantage of strong security measures by utilizing the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) protection, spam filters, and virus scan provided to protect the technology and assets of your enterprise from external threats, such as hacking attempts or virus attacks.

  • Protection against internal data leakage

    The Key Management System(KMS) generates encryption keys and manages the access each time email messages are saved or sent. The three-stage management system for external email deliveries designed to protect business secrets also protects valuable data from any possible leaks.


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    Wider range of collaboration available with Brity Works Enjoy the benefits of seamless collaboration by utilizing the combination of major features that Brity Mail, Messenger, Meeting, and Drive provide. These features have been designed to provide maximum performance when utilized together.
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    Utilization of business system becomes even simpler Brity Mail can be integrated with internal business systems as well as external SaaS solutions to allow you to view and process the information on your business system at a glance by utilizing the email, approval, and calendar features it provides.