Powerful monitoring defends your IT infrastructure

Enhance stability and operational efficiency with automated early risk detection and fast recovery support. Our precise and easy-to-use monitoring technology targets your system’s weak points and adapts to your needs.


How can MAXIGENT® help your operations?

  • Preemptive failure risk detection

    Preemptively detects any abnormal event using big data analysis of variable and dynamic thresholds.

  • Root cause identification

    Monitors all elements of the system for failures or performance degradation. Identifies root causes by analyzing key failure elements.

  • Quick response to failure

    Detects failures in real time to enable fast tracking of causes and recovery.

  • Easy monitoring

    Uses lightweight agents to reduce utilization rates and automatic patches for monitoring system stability.

See how MAXIGENT® makes IT infrastructure monitoring easy

Track performance of all different types of IT resources. Minimize failure risk in advance.

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Take a closer Look

  • System Management Software

    Monitors entire IT infrastructure with data collected from servers, databases, networks, storage, VM, and performs root cause analysis to prevent any future incidents.

  • Application Monitoring Software

    Monitors data collected automatically from business applications. When application failures are detected, our rules-based engine quickly and accurately identifies the root cause.

  • Application Performance Management

    Relieves performance bottlenecks or failures through transactions analysis between web servers and applications.

  • End-to-end monitoring

    Monitors service response time in order to quickly identify delays by tracking segments complicated transactions.

  • SAP Monitoring

    Runs agentless monitoring of failures/performance of SAP systems.

  • Big data analysis

    Collects performances and logs of IT infrastructure. Analyzes differences between optimal and actual performance to detect failure risks of failure in advance and remedial measures.


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    See how MAXIGENT® makes IT infrastructure monitoring easy


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