Experience next-level convenience with differentiated audio conferencing

Collaborate on your phone anytime, anywhere. With Square Meeting AC+, you can call a meeting right away from the app. Ensure quick and accurate communication with the added function of screen.


How can Square Meeting AC+ enhance your business?

  • Start an audio conference with ease

    Square Meeting AC+ is as simple to use as a messenger app: simply select the participants from your contacts and instantly start talking.

  • Check the active speaker and participants in real-time

    Ensure your meeting runs smoothly by viewing all the participants at a glance. Communicate with speed and accuracy even during an audio conference by checking the active speaker in real-time.

  • Communicate clearly with screen sharing

    Communicate with more clarity than voice-only communication using mobile and PC screen sharing.

  • Reduce collaboration costs

    For only the cost of a conference call, you can also leverage screen sharing to effectively collaborate with anyone in the world.


Square Meeting AC+ at a glance

  • Explore our truly differentiated audio conferencing services

    Square Meeting AC+ delivers a completely new experience by combining enhanced audio conferencing with PC and mobile screen sharing. This demo provides an overview of our easy-to-use audio conferencing solution.


Take a closer Look

  • Synced Contacts

    Immediately start or schedule a meeting for later by selecting the participants from device contacts.

  • Participant Management

    View the meeting participants at a glance. Remove or invite additional participants.

  • Screen Sharing

    Share your screen with participants from a mobile or PC. Share your screen with participants even if they haven’t installed the app through a web browser.

  • Annotation tools

    Share ideas in real-time. All participants can use the whiteboard for accurate communication.

  • Active Talker

    Check who is talking during meetings. Square Meeting AC+ displays the active talker on the screen.

  • Various User Interfaces

    Available on both smartphones and PCs. Supports Android and iOS for mobiles and Windows and macOS for PCs.


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