Face-to-face meetings expedite workflows

Nexoffice Meeting can transform your workflow by giving you instant face-to-face meetings with colleagues anytime and anywhere. The solution runs on PCs or mobile devices and features superior HD video, clear sound quality, and new interactive features that facilitate genuine conversations and more effective decision making. Intuitive, fast, and secure, it also works across Windows and Mac, Android and iOS.

  • 40%time spent by
    managers in meetings
  • 77%seek innovative
    conferencing solutions
  • S-RTPencryption
  • 128-bit SSLcertificate


How can Nexoffice Meeting enhance your business?

  • Connecting people across platforms

    Nexoffice Meeting works seamlessly with various devices, including desktop PCs and mobiles, on both Android and iOS. Use just about any device to meet colleagues and share documents. You can even sketch out your ideas on the digital whiteboard.

  • Perfectly unified conferencing

    Nexoffice Meeting lets you set up mobile meeting rooms wherever you are. You can switch from video to web conferencing with ease, and our solution is linked to an offline audio conferencing feature so you can attend by phone.

  • Enhanced data security

    Manage your meetings knowing your data is safe. All information shared on Nexoffice Meeting is S-RTP encrypted and stored in our highly secure server.

  • “With Samsung SDS Nexoffice Meeting, we reduced costs and improved productivity.”

    - Dongjin Lee, Sales & Marketing Manager, Samsung Life Insurance -

Now you can meet your colleagues anywhere

Nexoffice Meeting is fast and easy to operate with multi-device compatibility.


Take a closer Look

  • Multi-platform compatibility on PC and mobile

    Experience the convenience and flexibility of easy compatibility with Windows or Mac OS for desktops and Android or iOS for mobiles without having to invest in additional hardware.

  • Various collaboration tools

    Host a multi-user audio or video conference where you can outline creative ideas on a virtual whiteboard and share documents from a desktop or a mobile device.

  • Intuitive and interactive

    Navigate easily with clear icons and a customizable screen layout. Interact with colleagues as you normally would with on-screen gestures that mimic how we act.

  • Superior HD video with crystal clear sound

    Start a conversation like you’re in the same room, with the full immersion effect of high-definition video and outstanding audio.

  • Secure data management

    We prioritize your data integrity with advanced algorithms, encrypted data transfer protocols, and secure servers for storage, all managed at our dedicated data centers.


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