Stay vigilant and keep your facility safe

How safe is your manufacturing facility? Take control, and respond to safety issues in real time, with the same solutions ensuring workplace safety at Samsung worldwide. Our advanced analytics technologies work with the power of our five senses. Accidents, security, and worker safety—we’ve got you covered.


Safeguard your workers and manufacturing facility with real-time precision

  • Tailor surveillance to strengthen security

    Don’t compromise on safety and security for your workplace. Use customizable surveillance settings that fit your facility like a glove, with business-specific rules and advanced video analytics technology.

  • Eliminate dead zones

    Track suspicious activity with accurate shape and motion recognition. Alert security using data showing the speed and direction of the moving subject. Video clips from different cameras are combined into a multi-camera sequence, enabling it to recognize and monitor subject as it moves from coverage zone to coverage zone.

  • Respond quickly with real-time surveillance

    Take action and prevent safety accidents in real time. Receive alerts when surveillance detects workers not wearing the appropriate safety equipment. Set rules to detect accidents, such as workers falling down or breaking regulations by running in the facility. Keep everyone and everything on track, and be the first to know.

  • Save costs on equipment

    Maximize accuracy, and minimize expenses. Cut hardware costs with high-performance architecture utilizing large capacity video and complex event processing. Create a cost-efficient system using General-Purpose Graphics Processing Units for high-definition analysis and high frame rate videos.

See how Analytics can change the level of safety

Safety is a top priority. Look out for your working environment in real time.


Take a closer Look

  • Rules-based standard operating procedures

    Manages rules for environment safety video analytics based on company SOPs.

  • Real-time alarm

    Sends event notification of anomalies and issues in real time.

  • Operation management

    Provides operation, repair, and maintenance management.

  • Object modeler

    Provides linkage analysis using color, shape, motion, and space to model the subject of interest.

  • Accurate analyzer

    Recognizes and tracks subjects of interest, providing predictions for specific situations.

  • Device interface

    Ensures seamless connection to CCTVs, VMSs, and other standard control equipment.


  • Operating System
  • Database
    Oracle / MS SQL
  • Parallel Computing Platform


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    A new standard of safety for your operations



    See how Analytics can change the level of safety


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    Nexplant Analytics

    Uncover the real root causes of chronic equipment failures and ensure product quality control with the ability to foresee issues using big data analytics.

    Nexplant Mobile

    Control and manage your operations securely even when off site. Take measures for sudden issues that occur at your facility in real time, and use the multi-user video conferencing for fast decision-making.

    Nexplant EAM

    Analyze the root causes of frequent facilities' failures on big data platform and resolve the issues. Predict the abnormaly and fix the potential issues in advance. You can gain a great competitiveness from your asset management.

    Nexplant PLM

    Accelerate your product launch with tools that help project leaders collaborate more efficiently. Integrate product development projects throughout the supply chain, including involving OEMs.

    Nexplant SLM

    Complete product design and validation faster with CAE auto-run and simulation analysis. Automate various requirements for increasingly complex products and refinement processes and accelerate product production speeds.

    Nexplant MES

    Make your manufacturing process easier with automated equipment controls tailored to you for higher productivity. Maintain product quality and cost-efficient production.

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    Cut the risk of safety accidents Real-time video analytics with human-like senses.
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    Manage personnel accessing danger zones Safety officers can keep count of the number of people in danger zones using infrared thermography that can separate the person’s head and shoulders using industry-leading 3D multilevel analysis. During emergencies, they can make sure everyone has been evacuated safely.