Take your operations everywhere

Mobility, connectivity, and security—we give you the tools to stay on top of your operations, in real time, anywhere in the world. Forget unnecessary security issues, stop searching for the right paperwork, and leave the old barcode readers behind. Your operations are in your hands.


What can Nexplant Mobile do to boost your operations?

  • Real time data access

    Mobility is your key to efficiency. Get up-to-date plant data and detection alerts in real time on your mobile device, communicate seamlessly, and make prompt decisions with multi-user conferencing.

  • Reduce breakdowns and Loss

    Take action fast before minor errors cause big problems. Get real time alerts when your system detects a failure or when there is an error in judgment. Respond quickly and ensure higher productivity.

  • Manage Equipment Seamlessly

    Take preventative measures on the spot, whether it’s recording an image of the event or ordering replacement parts. All-in-one ID recognition technology lets you work more efficiently.

Mobility opens a new door for your manufacturing facility.

Keep it light. Enjoy easy and quick equipment management on your mobile.


Take a closer Look

  • Mobile MES Content

    Provides user-friendly MES functions such as product and facility management, quality control, and video calls.

  • Seamless Multi-user Communications

    Enables multi-user video conferencing, as well as voice calls and messaging.

  • Digital Radio Communications

    Enable communication between analog two-way radios and smartphones through an RoIP gateway.

  • Real-time Detection

    Sends alerts to mobile devices in real time when anomalies happen.

  • All-in-one Integrated Scanner

    Mountable scanner gives you a single device to handle QR codes, 1D/2D barcodes, RFID tags and more.

  • Secure Hybrid Platform

    Ensures a fast, stable, easy-to-use mobile environment for diverse devices

  • Document Viewer

    Checks the documents you need right on your mobile device.

  • Remote Printing

    Prints remotely from your device.

  • Automatic Update

    Sends push notifications for app updates.

  • Business App Store

    Provides more apps for download.


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    Access your manufacturing facilities from anywhere



    Mobility opens the new door to opportunities for your manufacturing facility


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Real-time alert
React quickly to errors with real-time alerts and decrease the rate of faulty products.
Seamless communication
Seamless multi-user communications can accelerate decision making for on-site issues.
Integrated Device
Engineers on the manufacturing floor can use the detachable all-in-one reader on their mobile device to read bar codes, QR codes and RFID. They can work more efficiently and quickly without having to carry several devices.