Boost product development efficiency

Make sure everyone is on the same page for complex product development projects. Manage information, business processes, personnel, organizations, and product data in an extended enterprise, keeping projects on track from ideation to design, development, manufacturing, and disposal.


Need to increase product development competitiveness?

  • Accelerate lead time in product development

    Empower project leaders with the tools to collaborate more efficiently, helping them manage project work, data, and scheduling. Integrate product development projects involving OEMs and throughout the supply chain, keeping you fully abreast everyone’s project status.

  • Create development processes for innovative products

    Add agility to your product development process. Supporting fabrication-type product development such as semiconductors and chemicals, Nexplant PLM also provides verifications on product design and development based on big data.

  • Reduce failure costs

    Raise the bar on product quality at every step with tests for product failure. Fully visualize your project status and make fast decisions based on accurate information and data shared among all the different people working on the project. Ensure faster decisions and cut failure costs.

Accelerate product launches without compromising product quality.

Stay ahead of the competition. No matter what industry you’re in, Nexplant PLM has your back in enhancing product development.


Take a closer Look

  • Project Management

    Manages project schedules, output, product data, and personnel.

  • Workspace & Portal

    Enhances work efficiency and data management with tools such as Kanban, Inbox, and Workspace Folder.

  • Product Data Management

    Manage versions of technical documents and drawings, as well as product lifecycles. Ensure the most up-to-date versions of the BOM are being used for engineering changes.

  • Product Design & Engineering

    Secures product design and simulation data by connecting with exterior development tools like CAD and CAE. Also provides big data analysis for more efficient designs and automated tests.

  • Application Lifecycle Management

    Supplies sources, features, and scrum management for agile software development.

  • Collaboration & Design Platform

    Streamline basic data models, classification systems, and workflows for your development projects with support for various languages.


  • Platforms
    Windows, Linux, Unix
  • Database
    PostgreSQL 9.4 +. Oracle 11g +
  • WAS
    Standard Servlet Container (Weblogic, Tomcat, etc.)
  • WEB
    NGNX, Apache
  • Software Requirements
    JAVA 1.8 +


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    Nexplant PLM at a glance



    Integrate and streamline product development processes



    Accelerate product launch time without comprising product quality.


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    Nexplant SLM

    Complete product design and validation faster with CAE auto-run and simulation analysis. Automate various requirements for increasingly complex products and refinement processes and accelerate product production speeds.

    Nexplant EAM

    Analyze the root causes of frequent facilities' failures on big data platform and resolve the issues. Predict the abnormaly and fix the potential issues in advance. You can gain a great competitiveness from your asset management.

    Nexplant Mobile

    Control and manage your operations securely even when off site. Take measures for sudden issues that occur at your facility in real time, and use the multi-user video conferencing for fast decision-making.

    Nexplant Safety

    Keep your workers and facilities safe with human-like cooperative analytics that detect and send alerts with real-time surveillance.

    Nexplant Analytics

    Uncover the real root causes of chronic equipment failures and ensure product quality control with the ability to foresee issues using big data analytics.

    Nexplant MES

    Make your manufacturing process easier with automated equipment controls tailored to you for higher productivity. Maintain product quality and cost-efficient production.

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    Efficient Collaboration Speed up product development lead time with efficient collaboration.
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    Prevent delays Access and check development status to prevent delays.
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    BOMs Management Automatically manage BOMs and technical documents and establish version consistency.