Your solution for faster and safer file transfers

Are network speed limits disrupting company workflows? RAPIDANTTM helps files reach their destinations at high speed, overcoming slow internet connections and file size restrictions. Conveniently manage file transfers knowing your data is secure from start to finish, no matter how many files you need to transfer.


How can RAPIDANTTM help your business?

  • Limitless file transfer

    Transfers files regardless of type or sizes. Supports both TCP and UDP to meet any business’ security policy. Utilizes existing network infrastructure.

  • Secure file transfer

    Checks file integrity during and after transfer as well as encrypting transferred data.

  • Seamless file transfer

    Transfers files even in the event of a disconnection through automatic transfer resumption from the last point of transmission before the error.

  • Easy file transfer

    Enables fast system screen loading with only installing a Client, automatically detects file modifications and synchronizes them with remote systems through fast transfer.

See how RAPIDANTTM works in the real world

Guarantee Smart, Fast, and Secure Data Transfers.

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Take a look at how RAPIDANTTM speeds up a file transfer onto a cloud server.


Take a closer Look

  • Faster screen response time

    Increases system response time, facilitating a fast-paced, enabling business environment.

  • Automatic sync with remote files

    Automatically detects any modification in remote file systems and synchronizes it immediately.

  • Auto-Resume transfers

    Provides recovery and automatic transfer resumption from the last point of transmission error.

  • Quick configuration

    With a simple software installation set up, get ready to start using RAPIDANTTM easily.

  • Protocol Flexibility

    Works on both TCP and UDP protocols, and provides even faster files transfers with a WAN accelerator.

  • Efficient bandwidth management

    Controls bandwidth usage across the network and other systems.


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Software engineers working together globally Upload test results and collaborate faster. Help the engineerings around the globe download large firmware files concurrently and stress free.
Global R&D centers operating in sync Get access to modified files instantly. RAPIDANT auto-syncs modified files shared across remote servers to ensure researchers are working with the lastes files.
Preserve broadcasting quality and security Now you can transfer large media files like FHD and UHD to multiple broadcast outlets at high speed and even during peak time over public networks with SSL encryption.