API Gateway

Easy API Management and Monitoring

API Gateway is a service for convenient management and monitoring of APIs.
The resources and methods related to APIs are simply defined to enable easy monitoring on API usage and performance index.




Service Architecture

API Consumer
3rd Party Developer(Authentication O) - Rest API (Use API)
3rd Party Developer(Authentication X)
Tablet - Rest API
PC - Rest API
  1. API Gateway
    • API Publishing/Subscription
    • API Access Control
    • Traffic Management
    • Monitoring/Metering
    • API Management (APIM) Portal
  2. Link to Backend API
  3. API Provider
    • APIs
    • APIs
    • APIs
    • APIs

API Gateway → Manage API → API Manager

API Manager → Manage API → API Gateway

Key Features

  • API Gateway management

    - View API collection information of API Gateway and API information
    - Limit usage of API users through API usage policy
    - Subscribe APIs deployed after creating API collection

  • API management

    - View API details, and register/edit endpoint/resource data
    - Register resources by importing via Swagger
    - Manage API versions and run Swagger tests
    - Manage API deployment

  • View API call status

    - View API call status by daily/weekly/monthly basis
    - View performance data via response time


    • Billing
    • Monthly billing based on number of API requests
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