Connecting employees across geographies

""Brity Drive went beyond being a simple file-sharing solution and truly transformed the way our employees work together, empowering them to work in a smarter way.""

CIO, Amorepacific


Amorepacific is the largest cosmetics manufacturer in Korea with more than 5,000 employees—approximately 4,000 in Korea and 1,000 in global branch offices—working
and collaborating across continents. Along with recent changes in business environment, Amorepacific’s growing global business have increased the number of stores, branch offices, sales channels and production sites, ushering the company to seek new and smart ways for cross-functional collaboration.

In addition, with the enforcement of a new labor regulation in Korea limiting maximum weekly work hours at 52, Amorepacific needed to create a work environment (i.e. mobile apps, cloud storage, etc.) where employees can access documents and work together seamlessly anywhere at anytime outside designated office workspace.

In addition, Amorepacific’s growing business has diversified and expanded collaboration channels, requiring an integrated platform to communicate and manage scattered
documents and files easily in one place.


Accordingly, Amorepacific decided to provide a safer and more efficient collaboration workspace for employees, by introducing Brity Drive.

Amorepacific integrated various IT solutions that were used by over 5,000 employees and partner companies in 17 countries worldwide, and brought them together under one single platform, Brity Drive. Brity Drive enabled Amorepacific employees and partners communicate ideas on their mobile or PC in a faster and more efficient manner, using various features such as posts, memo pads, and to-do lists.

In addition, diverse security policies (i.e. file-specific custom security settings, file security approval, etc.) were applied in order to protect internal documents and data safely, allowing a more convenient and secure communication with appx. 1,000 partner company staff.

Major Specification
•Workspace (internal use)
Dedicated workspace for each team or task
• Workspace (third-party access)
Shared workspace for collaboration with partner/vendors
• Stream
Discussion forums/boards for workspace members
• Drive
Cloud-based file storage/sharing
• Search
Powerful search engines for large scale queries

Solution Details

Samsung SDS Brity Drive is a file sharing and collaboration solution that allows users to work together and manage documents easily and securely in one place.
Users can edit, modify, or share documents freely and communicate using various features such as memo pad or posts on a centralized cloud storage.


Streamlines individually contracted legacy systems into one platform

Global communication
Used by over 5,000 Amorepacific employees and partners worldwide

Smoother collaboration with external partners
Easy and secure collaboration with more than 1,000 partner companies on a single platform

Faster collaboration
Supports various features like posts, memo pads, to-do list, etc.



  • Brity Drive

    Upload, download, and share documents through a centralized storage space, keep track of different document versions, and take control of user access on Brity Drive. It also enables collaborations with external partners without risk of information leakage.