Fresh Food Chain

Securing stability and scalability of new digital systems through cloud transformation

"The client, a domestic food manufacturing and distribution company, had difficulty accepting the increasing business system requirements in the existing on-premise environment due to the completion of the new building. In order to flexibly respond to the changing business environment and form a stable work system environment, the customer has promoted cloud infrastructure transformation using Samsung Cloud Platform."

Fresh Food Chain


With the completion of the new building, the client, a domestic food manufacturing and distribution company, are planning a transition to a cloud environment that is more stable and scalable than the existing on-premise environment.

The biggest reason why the client considered switching to the cloud was that while the size of the system became larger and more complex due to the expansion of the company, there was a lot of concern about various accidents such as unexpected errors or stops of the system, loss of important business data, and personal information leakage in the existing on-premise IT environment.

The client wanted to improve their operational work by securing disaster recovery functions to increase system scalability, service availability, and introducing professional MSPs through cloud transformation.

Transformation of Cloud Infrastructure for Digital Innovation :Securing system scalability to respond in a timely manner when new infrastructure resources are needed, Enhancement of disaster recovery functions that enable system operation in the event of a disaster in the computer room,Introduction of professional MSP to improve operation work


Verified Cloud Transition Methodology

· Switching only infrastructure to cloud in a short period of time without changing applications and DBMS
· When designing infrastructure architecture, consider backup products and DR architecture to ensure availability

Secure Cloud Access Environment

· Introduction of VPN products to ensure safe cloud access outside the workplace
· VPN connection is possible without modifying the application by utilizing equipment characteristics

Automatically deploy cloud infrastructure resources

· Implementation of Infrastructure as a Service by utilizing Cloud Maker containing Samsung SDS' infrastructure Know-How
· Automatically distribute changes in infrastructure resource specifications that occur during construction and operation in simple scripts

Samsung SDS offers a variety of products, including security/stability/availability features, for stable cloud conversion for corporate customers, and provides cloud conversion methodology and professional MSP services suitable for customer situations. :Multi-AZ and DR - functions to provide high availability, VPN -encrypted virtual dedicated network, Security -to detect and remove security threats 6R Cloud Transition Methodology and Professional MSP Capability


Ensure system scalability/availability

· Scale-out/Up infrastructure resources is available as soon as needed
· Reduce failure recovery time by utilizing backup products and DR functions

Security enhancement

· Detect and respond to various security threats such as DDoS and hacking
· Preventive activities are possible by strengthening security settings

Improve operational work stability/efficiency

· Infrastructure operation management secures stability by introducing specialized MSPs
· Utilization of MSP services contributes to the concentration of business work by field personnel