Past Event

Samsung SDS @
IBM InterConnect 2017

  • MANDALAY BAY, #866
  • MARCH 19 – 22, 2017
Power business performance with smarter, more secure connectivity

IoT connectivity is empowering businesses to perform more efficiently, while delivering innovation and higher value to customers. Enhanced data flows and more valuable information are reshaping how we work and how we connect, all of which can play a vital role in driving business performance.

At IBM InterConnect 2017, Samsung SDS will showcase how our solutions are transforming business with advanced, secure, and interoperable connectivity. Find out how we can secure your business intelligence effectively and intuitively with our single sign-on biometric authentication service, created in partnership with IBM. Learn how our Nexsign biometric solution integrates with IBM’s Security Access Manager (ISAM), and how Nexsign is now easily accessible over IBM’s Bluemix cloud platform. You’ll also discover how we help businesses better serve customers in real-time, using our SDS Remote Management Solution (RMS) to monitor devices conveniently connected on our Insator IoT platform. See how our IoT solutions and insights can help better solve customer problems.