Provide optimal computing resources based on high stability

Computing Resources with Easy Registration and High Flexibility

Samsung SDS Cloud computing enables customers to flexibly manage their cloud resources according to their needs. Customers can scale up or down without purchasing physical servers with pay-as-you-go billing system that charges only for the actual usage. The Cloud data centers protect customer data from external security threats and leakages with 24/7 real-time monitoring and ensure the continuity of customer business at all times.


Products and Key Features

    • Virtual Server
    • Virtual servers optimized for various purposes
    Expected benefits
    • IT resources easily and rapidly available
    • Various requirements of each workload system reflected (in respect to performance, availability & security)
    Key features
    • Cloud portal that allows quick and easy resource purchases and server creation for users
    • Computing resources optimized for each customer task
    • Reliability with high-availability architecture and security control system
    • Container
    • Virtual servers based on container technology
    Expected benefits
    • Less management burden notwithstanding higher complexity of container operation/management
    • Automated container scaling according to usage
    Key features
    • Container cluster management and self recovery system
    • Customer self-service support and immediate generation/adjustment of containers if necessary
    • Auto-scaling based on usage and share of resources
    • Support for availability and scalability by upgrading nodes or replacing failed nodes
    • Bare Metal Server
    • Single-tenant physical servers
    Expected benefits
    • High performance with real-time data processing, complicated calculations and excessive data I/O
    • Servers suitable for the system
    • Servers that can use software not supporting virtualized environments
    Key features
    • High performance private servers dedicated to various new CPUs
    • Physical servers that run licensed software (e.g. Oracle DBMS server)
    • GPU Server
    • High performance computing servers optimized for parallel processing
    Expected benefits
    • Servers with highly efficient parallel processing and high-performance calculation capacity
    • Fast processing of large data
    • Servers that are available for AI, IoT, big data analysis, machine learning, etc.
    Key features
    • High-performance virtual servers equipped with NVIDIA Tesla GPU
    • Through hypervisors, GPU resources are assigned directly to a single virtual server without any loss of GPU resources or memory capacity
    • Auto-Scaling
    • Automatically adjust resources in accordance with demand
    Expected benefits
    • Reliable service during temporary usage peaks
    • Cost reduction when traffic decreases
    Key features
    • Automatic scaling up/down of virtual servers according to user I/O and traffic change
    • Scheduled scaling on certain days, dates or at a specific time and scaling based on server usage or traffic
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