Bare Metal Server

High Performance Physical Servers without Virtualization

Bare Metal Server offers independently assigned and physically separated CPU, memory and other computing resources without virtualization technology.
The high performance cloud computing service is sheltered from other cloud users, enabling stable operation of performance-sensitive services.




Service Architecture

Application, Operating System - Non-virtualized Dedicated Server - Bare Metal Server : Application, Operating System / Hardware : CPU, Memory, Network Interface, Storage

Key Features

  • BM creation/management

    - Provide standard spec BM (4 types of Core)
    - Offer various OS types and standard images for creating resources conveniently
    (e.g. Cent OS, Windows, RHEL, and Ubuntu)

  • Storage and network connection

    - Provide additional connection storage besides OS disk
    - Subnet/IP setting and linking with VPC Firewall
    - Provide local subnet setting for communication between servers
    - Provide NAT IP setting for external internet connection

  • Convenient service management

    - Select managed service level depending on project priority
    - Create/edit tags


    • Billing
    • Without contract: Hourly billing for the actual usage according to the on/off status of VM
    • With contract: Discount applied according to 1/3 year contract terms. Fixed monthly charges for the amount of requested resources
      * Penalty is charged for early termination within the contract period.
    • Add-on options
    • Additional charges for add-on offering/options, including Reserved IP and managed service
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