VM Auto Scaling

Automatic Resource Scaling In/Out According to Demand

VM Auto Scaling automatically creates or deletes VMs according to the pre-determined term/schedule based on resource usage. This allows users to maintain reliable services and efficient operation of servers.




Service Architecture

  • Load Balancer → Auto Scaling Group OS,OS,OS → Monitoring → Trigger → Image Repository / Auto-scaling → Newly Created Virtual Servers within Group → OS,OS
  • Image Repository / Auto-scaling → Trigger → Monitoring → Auto Scaling Group OS,OS,OS
  • Load Balancer → Auto Scaling Group OS,OS

Key Features

  • Auto Scaling provisioning

    - Create images of servers that will run during operation of VM Auto Scaling, using launch configuration requests
    - Create VM Auto Scaling groups, logical groups for virtual server coordination/management
    - Set load balancer, minimum/maximum server numbers, and network for VM Auto Scaling
    - Set scale-in/out policy (CPU/memory/disk usage, network traffic, etc.)
    - Set notifications for Auto Scaling process

  • Auto Scaling execution

    - Automatic scale in/out if the threshold for monitoring target is satisfied or according to the pre-reserved schedule


    • Billing
    • VM Auto Scaling is a free service
    • Still, resources created by Auto-Scaling will be charged according to the pricing policy of each resource
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