DB Service

Easy Database Creation/Management in Web Environments

DB Service offers Database Management System (DBMS) for relational or unstructured data and data analysis using a web-based console with automated DB creation and setting. Mission-critical customer data runs in VM environments for reliable management and VPC-based single instances or redundant architecture is also available. Backup/recovery, editing parameters, audit, minor patch, monitoring and other tasks within the lifecycle of database are automated.




Service Architecture (RDB)

  1. User
  2. Request for creation
  3. RDB Provisioning : Create VM → Assign Storage and N/W → Install DB
  4. System configuration
  5. VPC
    • Web/WAS - Active-Standby Failover - VM1 : DB, Linux → Storage
    • Web/WAS - Active-Standby Failover - VM2 : DB, Linux → Storage
    • VM1 Storage - Sync Replication - VM2 Storage

Key Features

  • Provided DB

    - RDB : EPAS, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MySQL, MS SQL, Tibero, and Vertica
    - NoSQL DB : Redis

  • Rapid and safe DB creation

    - Auto Provisioning : Automatically install standard version SDS database using VM with various spec
    - HA architecture (RDB) : Active-standby configuration based on SW-level synchronous replication
    - Cluster architecture (NoSQL) : Replica architecture in DB to guarantee availability

  • Simple and convenient DB management

    - Backup : Store in Object Storage (data & archive) using DBMS's own backup function
    - Recovery : Able to recover to a specific point in time or present time based on backup files stored in Object Storage (data & archive)
    - Patch : Offer patch function for DB Minor Version
    - User parameter setting : Set parameters regarding better DB performance and security
    - Audit setting : Save logs on DB connection and DDL execution
    - Monitoring : Monitor VM resources (CPU and Memory) and DB status
    - Read Replica : Configure read-only servers for purposes of load balancing for reading or disaster recovery (DR) (supported by EPAS, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MySQL and MS SQL only)


    • Billing
    • Provided in VM package, composed of VM & BM costs
      · Without contract : Hourly charge based on metering information of server (DB) status being 'on'
      · Contracted : Fixed monthly charge according to contract terms
    • Software licenses for commercial DB are on a BYOL (Bring Your Own License) basis
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