Enterprise Mobility Management

Empower your workforce. Protect your organization.

Keep up with the mobile revolution

Safeguarding sensitive corporate data gets more difficult every day. Our EMM solution satisfies international standards for computer security certification (CC) by letting administrators centrally manage employee access and protecting data with next-generation security protocols. We give you more effective and consistent device management and increased security across your organization.

Major Services

  • First in Korea, both iOS and Android CC Certificate Acquired (Common Criteria certified by US National Security Agency)
  • Cloud EMM sales with Samsung Electronics 3.8 Million license exceeded (accumulated as of Sep 2020)
  • Industry first Tizen Wearable Support (Based on Galaxy Watch)





  • Device Management

    Use EMM’s Over the Air device commands and provisioning to specify security policies by department, individual and location.

  • Application Management

    EMM efficiently supplies and distributes business mobile applications, controls access and authority, and monitors usage.

  • Data Management

    Control access, protect data and provide a virtual space for business application data.

  • Unified Management

    Administer security policies aligned with organization structure and easily distribute enterprise mobile applications.

  • Enterprise Mobile Apps Store

    Host your own proprietary app store, a must for enterprises whose apps need to meet stringent policy, security and procurement requirements before distribution.

Awards & Recognition

Samsung SDS acknowledged by global experts

Use Cases


    • US NIAP Common Criteria
    • FIPS 140-2
    • MDM PP 2.0
    • TLS 1.2
    • MDM PP 4.0


    Recommended Specifications
    • Algorithms

      - Supports RSA up to 4096 or ECDSA p256/p384 up to SHA384
      - Supports AES-256

    • Encryption/Decryption

      Uses FIPs 140-2 validated cryptographic kernels

    • EMM Protocols

      HTTPS, TLS 1.2

    • Supported OS

      - Android: KitKat or higher
      - iOS: iOS 8 or higher
      - Windows 10
      - Tizen 2.3.2 or higher (Knox Tizen Wearable 2.0 or higher)

    • Supported OS Programs

      - Android: Android for Work
      - Apple : Device Enrollment Program (Available in April)

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