Digital HCM

Realize successful HR innovation through the combination of global best Workday HCM solution and Samsung SDS' expertise in implementation.

Samsung SDS offers you specialized implementation services and the latest HCM solutions. Provides strategic decision making, improved employee experience, and changes in the way you work.

The HCM area is witnessing growing demand for innovation to keep up with the new global standards driven by emerging technologies and satisfy the needs of the Millennials. As Korea’s first Workday implementation partner, armed with know-how and solutions built through the implementations and operation of Samsung Group HR system over the past decades, Samsung SDS enables successful digital transformation for your HR system through differentiated service offerings.

Key Services

  • Recruiting Process Integrated with HR Management
    From job requisition to onboarding and hire, the end-to-end recruiting process is managed in the system, cutting down the lead time for recruiting and raising the competitiveness in acquiring talent. Recruiting information integrated with HR data can be leveraged for effective decision-making.
  • Flexible Organization Management
    Integrated management of global organizations and differentiated design of business processes make it more efficient to accommodate diverse local requirements and to respond to diversifying portfolio due to M&As or reorganizations of fast growing enterprises in a more agile manner.
  • Opportunities for Employees to Improve & Grow
    Employees can improve their capabilities through a predefined set of skills and career development path.
    We also offers diverse evaluation methods adaptable to organization’s needs.
    It provide best practices to improve performance through a collaborative organizational culture.
  • Efficient Total Compensation & Payroll Management
    Diverse compensation schemes and standards (salary, incentive, signing bonus, stock option) are efficiently managed, while the data and processes related to compensation, from hire offer to salary adjustments, are interfaced with the core module to support optimal decision-making. The finalized compensation is interfaced to the payroll system to allow efficient management of compensation and payroll.
  • Self-service and Mobile Service
    Depending on requirements, employees can be given the authority to perform diverse HR processes themselves. Managers are provided with the HR data essential to their work via the dashboard as well as a tool for managing the team’s performance throughout the year. Same services are also accessible on mobile.
  • Strategic Data Analysis & Reporting
    No need to adopt a separate analysis tool; the system is capable of extracting and analyzing data in real time, and allows to execute related tasks straight from the data retrieved. The system also offers useful reporting functions. Users are able to create and share customized reports, and use the scheduling function for automatic distribution.



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