Samsung SDS's UX Standard System OPUS, Wins iF Design Award 2018

iF - Samsung SDS's UX Standard System OPUS, Wins iF Design Award 2018


Samsung SDS’s UX standard system OPUS, won the 2018 Germany’s iF Design Award, one of the top three Design Award in the world.
*World’s top three Design Award: Germany’s Red Dot, iF Design Award, U.S IDEA

Samsung SDS’s OPUS received high ratings and won the 2018 iF Design Award in the Service Design category. This year’s iF Design Award attracted 6,402 entries from 54 countries around the world.


OPUS Samsung SDS Design System screen


OPUS is a design system concept that aims to provide a consistent and high-quality user experience with optimal services provided by Samsung SDS. OPUS covers everything an initial service construction needs such as Design Styles, UI/GUI guide for each device, and a real-time rendering from HTML sources. It also provides a chat-bot service so that the users can easily receive their desired design guidelines.

While other companies’ design system only provides basic information where it only allows the user to learn the UI/GUI rules before production or provide reference to the desired data, OPUS provides an on-screen production environment that supports real-time guidance to separate the learning and researching experience, reducing the time spent of both operations. Our innovation which increases both the productivity and the efficiency of service construction allowed us to gain a stellar reputation.

This reward not only demonstrates the Samsung SDS’s excellence in CX design but also improve the Samsung SDS’s solution business with the standard OPUS design.