Same Trip Different Experience, An Unforgettable Family Trip to Singapore

Same Trip Different Experience of Singapore - An unforgettable Family Trip to Singapore : SINGAPORE

Going on a trip with your family is a joyful thing. Last summer my family and I went to Singapore, and today I will recreate our travel story in my daughter’s perspective, and my perspective.

Day 1

[Daughter’s trip] It has been a long time since I have been on a trip abroad, I got on the airport subway and arrived at Incheon airport with butterflies in my stomach. Incheon airport was already filled with tourists. After 6 hours we arrived in Singapore, the weather was very hot. I was tired from the long flight so I fell asleep as soon as we arrived at the hotel.

[Dad’s trip] I knew we should have avoided the holidays. The airport was packed. We could have drove to the airport but we had to take the subway because the children complained about getting car sick. Even though we didn’t have much time, my wife and the kids took forever while shopping at duty free stores. The extreme heat of the Singapore greeted us. I tried using Uber but my wife scolded me, she told me to stop trying useless things. Not only that, as we arrived at our room my wife complained that the room didn’t have an ocean view. I just wanted to go to sleep, it’s only the first day and yet I am so tired.

The bag next to the children contains the items bought at the duty free stores

Day 2

[Daughter’s trip] The zoo was so interesting and fun! Early in the morning, we went to the famous Jurong bird park to see various birds. Among the birds, the flamingo was the most memorable one because it was the first time I saw one, and the pink, elegant, and mysterious flamingo was so pretty. At the bird show, there was a bird that counted numbers in different languages and said ‘Hello’ in Korean, it was so cute. We move from the Jurong bird park to the Zoo. It was amazing. I fed the giraffes and touched the nose of an elephant. We went to the famous river safari and night safari. It was well worth the wait. We were able to closely observe many animals like the buffalo, lion, and rhinoceros.

[Dad’s trip] We took a taxi to the Jurong bird park. The Jurong bird park had lots of birds. The children wanted to feed the birds so I bought them some bird food but eventually they were too scared to get near the birds therefore I had to feed them! The Singapore Zoo was on a whole different level. It also included a place where the children could play in the water allowing us parents to rest. The river safari? To be honest I didn’t have much fun, I don’t understand why my wife is nagging me about teaching them about the Amazon River’s ecosystem. Even though I suggested that we wait in line in advance for the night safari due to the long line, my wife and the kids decided that we should eat. Eventually, we had to wait for 2 and a half hours… It was a good thing that the night safari was fun because me and my wife, we almost had a fight. Man, I wish that tomorrow didn’t come.


I have never seen flamingos before in my life either. The Zoo had a special exhibition on the Jurassic dinosaurs and it surprised me because the dinosaurs actually moved!

Day 3

[Daughter’s trip] Today we went to the Universal Studio, famous for minions. We got on the famous rides like Transformer, Shrek town, and the Jurassic park water boat. A ride called ‘The Mummy’ was so scary. Starting from the middle of a dark room, we got dropped from a 50 floor height it spun us around 360 degrees. After playing at the Universal Studio we went to go on ‘the Luge’, which was a must-do in Singapore. When we went down with a ‘whoosh’ it was so exciting and fun. ‘Zip lining’, which is a ride that goes down 1,000 meters hanging on one line was also a whole new experience. After coming back to the hotel, my sister and I played in the pool with our dad until bed time.

[Dad’s trip] The day finally began. Why would they create an amusement park in this boiling hot country? The aquarium and water park I can understand, but going to an amusement park at this kind of weather is crazy. After much fussing about in the morning we were able to enter the amusement park first in line. We ran to the rides. As we looked around, we realized that everyone who was running were all Koreans. Despite buying an express ticket (a ticket where you can go on the ride without getting in line), there was no need to run. It is too hot.

Sentosa Universal Studio had plenty of other monuments to take pictures with other than the trademark Universal Studio globe.

Day 4

[Daughter’s Trip] We went to my favorite place, the aquarium. The reason why I like aquariums so much is because the ecosystem in the water is truly mysterious and beautiful. Strange looking fish welcomed me as I entered the aquarium. For lunch, we ate the famous Singapore chili crab. I have tried several foreign foods but the chili crab was the best of them all. The next attraction we went to after filling our stomachs was the ‘Merlion’, Singapore’s landmark. It is a compound word of mermaid and lion. The scenery on top of the Merlion was also fantastic. We also went to a botanical garden called the ‘Gardens by the Bay’ and crossed a glass bridge over a manmade fall. It was really magnificent. As the sun started to set in the evening, we swam in the swimming pool on the top of our hotel, the Marina Bay Sands. Time flew and it quickly became midnight.

[Dad’s Trip] I searched all night for a chili crab restaurant with good reputation and found a fifty percent off coupon. Thanks to me we were able to fill our stomachs with chili crabs, and the kids were satisfied. After going to the aquarium and the Merlion statue, I was already tired from the heat. By the time we arrived at the Gardens by the bay I couldn’t bring myself to walk. I was not able to win over my children and decided to stay at the Marina Bay Sands hotel! We decided to stay here in order to experience the swimming pool on top of the hotel, but as expected, the price was immense. The kids dragged me to the swimming pool till late at night. In the morning, again they dragged me to the swimming pool. Even though the hotel was famous for its casino my wife didn’t allow me to go…

Singapore is famous for chili crabs. On the Sentosa Island every means of public transportation is free, all you need to pay is the entrance fee.

The Gardens by the Bay viewed from the rooftop of the Marina Bay Sands hotel. The swimming pool on top of the hotel is really a place you should go to at least once.

Day 5

[Daughter’s Trip] Today is the last day in Singapore. We went to the China Town, Arab Street, and Mustafa shopping center. At the Mustafa shopping center we bought the famous Kaya Jam and the hippo chocolate. As we got on the plane it really hit me that we are leaving Singapore, I felt a little down about it. I really hope I can here again.

[Dad’s Trip] It was my third time coming to Singapore, each time I came here with one more family member. I think Singapore is a place that grants new experiences. I think it will be good if we come back after the kids grow up so that we could all see the F1 race. I also thought, if the kids get their jobs in Singapore, it will be nice for me to visit here.

This is a must take photo when visiting Singapore.

Come back to take another photo when you grow up my dear loving daughter!