Samsung SDS Signs Brightics Academy MOU with an University in Korea

Samsung SDS Signs Brighics Academy MOU - with Seoul National University Big Data Research Center

On December 13th, Samsung SDS signed a Brightics Academy MOU with Seoul National University Big Data Research Center.

Industry-industrial cooperation press releaseSeong-Gyun Cha, Director of Seoul National University Big Data Research Center and Samsung SDS President & CEO, Won-Pyo Hong

The Brightics Academy version, well known for its AI-based analytics platform, is receiving love calls from universities in Korea. Following Sungkyunkwan University and Hanyang University, the Big Data Research Institute of Seoul National University also decided to adopt Samsung SDS Brightics Academy.

Samsung SDS CEO Won-Pyo Hong, Senior Vice President Shim Yoon and Seoul National University Big Data Research Center President Sang-Gyun Cha and Vice-President Sang-Ku Lee gathered for the event at the Gaepo Digital Innovation Park Urban Data Science Laboratory.

About Urban Data Science Laboratory

Urban Data Science Laboratory is where the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul National University Big Data Research Center provides analytic education to citizens and study urban issues using public data.

Through this agreement, Samsung SDS will carry out the Brightics Academy program with the 4th Industrial Revolution Academy and Urban Data Science Laboratory.

Brightics Academy will provide a cloud analysis environment to the 4th Industrial Revolution Academy and a Capstone Project which is a hands-on workshop carrying out tasks proposed by students, professors, and companies will be conducted during 12 weeks, from December 2017 to February 2018. In addition, Samsung SDS will offer internship opportunities for outstanding students who have no employment experience after the Capstone Project.

In addition, the Urban Data Science Laboratory will work with Seoul City government to present urban issues by data and provide solutions. Brightics will also be used here as an analysis tool.

Industry-industrial cooperation press release

According to Korea Data Agency’s ‘2016 Data Industry White Book,’ only 1.3% (1,300) of the 100,000 domestic data industry workers are experts. Thus, it is meaningful for Samsung SDS to cooperate with Korean universities through the Brightics Academy to actively participate in training big data analysis experts who are the key talent in the fourth industrial revolution era.

President and CEO of Samsung SDS, Won-Pyo Hong commented, “I hope that Brightics Academy with the Big Data Research Center of Seoul National University will be able to nurture talented data analysis experts to help companies through this industry – university cooperation.”

Director of Seoul National University Big Data Research Center Seong-Gyun Cha also remarked, “I related to CEO Won-Pyo Hong’s words about the importance of training data analysts. I hope that the research conducted by professors using Brightics will make good progress and expect the results to be applied to Brightics to continuously develop to program.”

The Brightics Academy is also preparing to collaborate with KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) business management department.

Industry-industrial cooperation press release
 We hope that the universities and Samsung SDS will grow together through various industrial-educational cooperation!