Brity RPA on a Mission to Rescue the Financial Industry from Repetitive Tasks!

The financial industry mainly deals with tasks that have to do with applicant identity verification for insurance reviews, loan appraisals and debt financing. During the repetitive process of accessing the system to verify customer information, human error may occur. Brity RPA (Robot Process Automation) prevents human error as well as reduces working hours by automatically verifying the applicant information.

Brity RPA, which is easy to use for anyone, utilizes Optical Character Recognition (OCR), to automatically extract data from documents and image files by deciphering the characters in those files. One savings bank used to manually download the financial rehabilitation application details and the case numbers from credit rating agencies and then compare them by hand. Brity RPA’s OCR function automated this task, which previously took 84 hours a month, and ultimately saved 1,008 hours per year. In addition, the task in which a worker would extract customer information from internal systems to compare it to the information from the credit rating agency for identity verification was also automated, saving 1,800 hours per year.

Through KIMONG’s cartoon, let’s find out what kind of tasks the financial industry was able to automate in order to reduce working hours.

Save me! Brity RPA -Financial Sector- Narration: Hello! I am Brity RPA
Narration: My mission is to help all workers automate tasks! Worker: Help...!!! (Financial industry on fire) Brity RPA: Oh no! I can hear financial workers in distress!

(Villains showing signs: Verify credit history, Check loan application, Verify applicant identity) Worker 1: Please let me go home! Today’s Friday! Villain 1: Muahaha! Go home? No way! Double check everything related to MONEY!!! Worker 2: My family is waiting for me! Brity RPA: ?!?
Villain 1: Did you double check these insurance payouts? Worker 1: I don’t have enough time for that! Brity RPA: Stop!! Narration: Checking financial rehabilitation applications and bankruptcy exemptions through credit rating agencies takes 75 hours per month.
Narration: Automating credit report verification...Saves 900 hours per year! Brity RPA: I’ll take care of this task, so hurry home!! Worker 1: T...Thank you!!!
Villain 2: Fire!! This won’t be easy! Organize all of the loan application results!! Worker 2: Not a scanned image!!! I have to manually check each one! Narration: Downloading and checking the financial rehabilitation results from the credit rating agencies takes 84 hours per month.
(Brity RPA equipped with OCR (Optical Character Recognition)) Narration: Automating with OCR...Saves 1,008 hours per year! Brity RPA: Automatic text recognition and data extraction complete! Worker 2: Brity RPA isn’t a myth after all! Yeah!
Villain 3: You still can’t leave! You still have loads of lists to finish! Worker 3: I need to cross check hundreds of applicants’ data! Narration: Identity verification takes 150 hours per month.
Narration: Automating identity verification...Saves 1,800 hours per year! Brity RPA: Identity information match complete! Sent confirmation email! Worker 3: I... I’m free to go home...!!
Brity RPA: Call me anytime! Worker 1: A hero who can handle sensitive financial tasks! Worker 2: Thank you Brity RPA! Worker 3: Thanks to you, I've got my life back!

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