Executive Briefing Center (EBC) - Engage In An Interactive Digital Experience

Engage In An Interactive Digital Experience

Come Visit our Executive Briefing Center in Korea to experience Samsung SDS' platform capabilities and industry-specific innovations

Samsung SDS Executive Briefing Center (EBC) is the best place for customers to gain an understanding of SDS' solutions and platforms. This is because customers visiting the EBC receive customized explanations and have the opportunity to have new experiences in the digital exhibition space. The renewed Samsung SDS EBC will provide customers with business insights, showcase SDS' key technologies, and strike the customers’ eyes.

EBC at a Glance

The newly refurbished Samsung SDS EBC consists of four themes: Retail Innovation, Manufacturing Innovation, Enterprise Innovation and Cloud Innovation.

Retail InnovationCustomers can experience the store innovations implemented using the Nexshop marketing solution that is based on Big Data.

Manufacturing InnovationYou can see the diorama-shaped intelligent manufacturing / production site realized using the smart factory solution, Nexplant.

Enterprise InnovationYou can become acquainted with our collaborative solutions that apply the latest IT technologies such as AI, IoT and blockchain, including Nexfinance (blockchain), a digital financial platform, and Nexsign, a FIDO-based biometric authentication solution.

Cloud InnovationThere is a space to learn about SDS' Multi & Hybrid Cloud Service, which improves the efficiency of IT resource management, and management control capabilities.

There are EBC showrooms in 9 countries around the world, including SDS HQ, so please contact your local EBC representative if you would like to reserve a visit or use your local EBC for a customer event.

We look forward to seeing you as a customer of SDS at the EBC, where we provide you with an interactive excursion that connects you with SDS.

You can learn more about the renewed EBC on the company website and the video.

EBC Link Learn more about the EBC https://www.samsungsds.com