Fast and reliable network service whenever and wherever you are

Fast and Reliable Network Service

Network connection between Samsung SDS Cloud data center and customers’ on-premises environment offers private network experience. Samsung SDS Cloud reduces network costs, increases bandwidth and provides a safer and faster network experience. The Cloud service also provides load balancing to distribute workloads across applications and help customers run high-speed, reliable web services anywhere in the world using CDN service.


Products and Key Features

    • CDN
    • Fast and stable network services at anytime, anywhere
    Expected benefits
    • High-speed transmission of customized content to present best online user experience
    • Eased traffic bottlenecks and enhanced stability based on less load on origin infrastructure
    Key features
    • Optimized performance and stable transmission by cashing web and media content closer to users
    • Customized service for user environments by setting various rules
    • Load Balancer
    • Balance server traffic load for stable continuation of service
    Expected benefits
    • High-speed service maintained even during abrupt usage spikes
    Key features
    • Load balancing of server traffic
    • WAN
    • A network server for seamless and high-speed data transmission
    Expected benefits
    • Smooth usage of service enabled by secure and fast transmission of business
    Key features
    • Optical communications network service for safer and faster cloud service
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