(Domain Name System)

Convenient Domain Setting and Management

DNS service converts a domain name on the Internet to an IP address made up of identifiable numbers to allow access. Various resource records are provided to support users to build their own DNS and run reliable services.




Service Architecture

User → Internet → DNS Request → DNS → DNS Response → NAT → Firewall → Internet → Security Group → Security Group : Subnet - VM, VM ... / Security Group : Subnet - VM, VM ... → VPC

Key Features

  • Domain creation/management

    - Request a new domain or create DNS to connect to an existing one
    - Set information of sub-domains and servers to be connected

  • Hosting zone selection (Internet/internal network)

    - Public DNS : Connected to the Internet, allowing external user access
    - Private DNS : Without Internet exposure, allowing access only to internal network users

  • Support for various resource records

    - A record : Designate an IP address for a domain to find the IP using a domain name
    - NS (Name Server) record : Designate a DNS server (Name Server) of the owned domain name
    - TXT record : Enter text data for the domain
    - CNAME : Set an alias for the domain name
    - MX (Mail Server) : Appoint mail servers for the user’s domain and sub-domain


    • Billing
    • Daily billing for hosting zone usage
    • The first 12 hours after creation are considered a test period and free of charge
    • Metering
    • Metering information of the previous day is used (as of 24:00)
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