Transit Gateway

Multi Gateway Service for Connection among Customer Networks or Connection Hub among VPCs

Transit Gateway allows convenient connection between the customer network and Samsung Cloud Platform network. The service also serves as a connection hub among various VPCs in the cloud environment. With Transit Gateway, a variety of network topology configuration is available as per customer demand. The independent firewall and routing features for each connected network zone ensures even stronger security management.




Service Architecture

  • Project A
    1. Internet → Internet Gateway → VPC 1 (VM, VM, ...) → Transit Gateway1
    2. Customer Network → Transit Gateway 1 → VPC 2 (VM, VM, ...)
  • Project B
    1. Transit Gateway 2 → VPC 3 (VM, VM, ...)
  • Transit Gateway 1 - TGW Peering - Transit Gateway 2

Key Features

  • Transit Gateway creation

    - Create/Edit/Delete Transit Gateway
    - Apply for Uplink network connection of customers

  • Transit Gateway and VPC connection creation

    - Select VPC to connect to Transit Gateway (up to 5 VPC connections)
    - Provide Transit Gateway Firewalls
    - Offer route setting feature

  • Transit Gateway peering creation

    - Peering connection between 2 Transit Gateways
    - Offer route setting feature


    • Billing
    • Transit Gateway creation charge : Charge by hour of Transit Gateway usage
    • VPC connecting traffic charge : Charge by GB of outbound traffic for connection between
      VPC and Transit Gateway
    • TGW peering traffic charge : Charge by GB of outbound traffic among Transit Gateways
    • Port usage : Fixed monthly rate (1G as default)
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