Samsung SDS Holds ‘Gen AI Day’ for Hyperautomation Innovation in the Public Sector

+ Supports innovation in the public sector with cloud-based generative AI services such as FabriX and Brity Copilot
+ To continue diverse industry-specific seminars for customers across various sectors, including public/national defense, retail/distribution, finance, and manufacturing

Samsung SDS held the ‘Gen AI Day’ seminar at the Sky31 Convention Lotte World Tower in Jamsil on April 16th. The event was to help public organizations prepare for the adoption of generative AI and cloud migration.

The seminar was organized to introduce Samsung SDS’s cloud-based generative AI trends and actual application cases; and to share related know-how. Approximately 200 attendees from local governments and administrative organizations in the Seoul metro area showed a high interest in hyperautomation innovation in the public sector.

During the ‘Gen AI Day’ seminar, Samsung SDS introduced its strategy for hyperautomation innovation in the public sector, using FabriX, a generative AI service platform; Brity Copilot, a solution utilizing generative AI in business collaboration solutions for email, meetings, and messengers; and Brightics AI, an AI-based big data analytics platform.

In particular, Samsung SDS received positive responses from attendees with its live demonstration showcasing the actual usage of FabriX and Brity Copilot by Samsung SDS employees.

Samsung SDS stated that understanding public administration terminology and providing reliable responses are crucial to adopting generative AI in the public sector. The company added that FabriX has significant merits in the public sector as the solution enables easy language model learning and distribution, and it minimizes hallucinations.

In the subsequent presentation under the theme of ‘Samsung Cloud Platform (SCP) for Digital Platform-based Government,’ Samsung SDS shared effective strategies for public cloud migration and actual success cases where public organizations have adopted the cloud.

The Samsung Cloud Platform offers cloud services optimized for the needs of public organizations and enterprises that require a high level of security.

In particular, Samsung SDS emphasized, “The Samsung Cloud Platform is the optimal cloud platform for leveraging generative AI and data platforms that have recently garnered attention.”

Samsung SDS will continue to hold industry-specific ‘Gen AI Day’ seminars for customers across various sectors -- including public/national defense, retail/distribution, finance, and manufacturing -- to help customers innovate business productivity by leveraging cloud and generative AI.

Executive Vice President of the Strategic Marketing Office at Samsung SDS, Jeong-heon Lee stated, “Samsung SDS’s ‘Gen AI Day’ seminar aims to directly communicate with customers face to face and suggest resolutions for their concerns about utilizing cloud and generative AI. We will stay committed to helping our customers with successful hyperautomation innovation solutions.”