Samsung SDS Extends Cooperation with Global e-Commerce Companies

Samsung SDS Extends Cooperation with Global e-Commerce Companies

+ To support Korean companies expand into the global market by leveraging global e-commerce companies such as Rakuten, Lazada, and Amazon

+ To provide efficient logistics service like proposing the most adequate logistics company in each country based on Cello Square, which specializes in global e-commerce

During 'Cello Tech Fair 2019' held on September 5, Samsung SDS announced its extended collaboration with global e-commerce companies and introduced cases of adopting artificial intelligence and IoT technology in the logistics industry.

Following its collaboration with Amazon last year, Samsung SDS extended its business collaboration with Rakuten and Lazada. Samsung SDS will propose the most adequate logistics company in each country and provide logistics services through Cello Square to Korean companies that plans to enter the global market.

Cello Square is Samsung SDS's logistics platform, specialized in e-commerce, which integrates the company's global logistics operation know-how and latest technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain.

During the Tech Fair, PPB Studios, a global fashion e-commerce company in Korea, introduced their case on how they innovated their logistics process by automating the input of order information including product name and order quantity and by selecting most adequate logistics company by linking their online mall system to Cello Square via API.

Also, Samsung SDS introduced its case of providing expected arrival date of the cargo to the shipper by analyzing the congestion degree of a port based on the company's big data analytics platform, Brightics AI, that eventually led to seamless transfer to the inland transportation.

Hyung-Tae Kim, EVP and logistics business unit leader of Samsung SDS, said, "Samsung SDS will provide various logistics services by collaborating with global e-commerce companies to develop models to support Korean companies entering the global e-commerce market."