User activity log collection/analysis, and cloud monitoring

Supports reliable cloud infrastructure operation

Collect and analyze myriads of activity logs to track history, solve problems, or conduct security assessments of your cloud resources. Closely monitor the status of your resources in real time to quickly address performance issues or failures. Configure, manage and scale computing environment for a more reliable, stable operation.


  • Real-time Log Collection & Analysis

    Collect every log generated in infra resources and services to trace changes, solve problems or conduct security check of your cloud resources. Activity logs are stored for 90 days, and can be retrieved by searching with time range or keyword via web console.

  • Simple Monitoring and Failure Prevention

    Create a dashboard to monitor various data on CPU, disk, or memory usages. Detect and respond to events swiftly by setting the system to automatically send alert notifications when a pre-set threshold is exceeded. Manage your computing resources with stability using big data analysis in failure prevention activities.


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