Protect customer data and service from security threats

Secure Cloud Service Protected from Security Threats

Samsung SDS Cloud’s strengthened security system effectively addresses security threats. Through 24/7 real-time monitoring and security control, it safeguards customer data and supports customer business continuity in any case.


Products and Key Features

    • Anti-DDoS Monitoring
    • Analysis and blocks against massive inflows of network traffic which may paralyze the service
    Expected benefits
    • Differential responses in case of DDos attacks
    • Measures to respond to a high-volume DDos attack
    Key features
    • 24/7 real-time monitoring and security control
    • Tabletop exercise performance or drill exercise upon customer request
    • Automatic blocking service for DDoS attacks (consultation required)
    • High-volume DDos attack prevention through an outside shelter that distributes traffic
    • DDoS analysis report
    • Firewall
    • Intrusion blocks to protect internal networks
    Expected benefits
    • Individual IP blocks and logging on the network
    Key features
    • Network traffic monitoring and traffic allowance/blocks based on rule sets
    • IDS Monitoring
    • Security control through IDS solution
    Expected benefits
    • Selective alerts for suspicious attacks
    • Information on how an attack affected the service
    Key features
    • 24/7 real-time monitoring and security control
    • Constant monitoring and analysis on detecting abnormal usage or attacks on vulnerabilities
    • Real-time detection and attack reproduction to increase accuracy of analysis
    • Analysis report on intrusion attempts
    • WAF
    • Web application security solution
    Expected benefits
    • Additional security to address any unanticipated vulnerabilities even under secure coding
    Key features
    • Security service specialized in web applications
    • Detections based on attack patterns analysis to maintain high level of security
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